Friday, December 12, 2008

Funny suppertime convo

Last night I prepared Matthew's supper and it was on the table while I tried to wrangle him into his booster seat (lately, playing is WAY more appealing than eating!).

Anyway I was singing the 'eat' song from his Signing Time DVD, "It's time to eat, eat eat, what a treat! Eat, eat... supper!" Got him situated and he starts 'singing'... here's how it went:

Matt: "eat! eat!... deeta!"
Me: "supper!"
Matt: "deeta!"
Me: (exaggerated pronunciation) "Yes, sweetie... SUU-PER"
Matt: "Uppa."
Me: "Yes! SUPPER!"
Matt: "Uppa... deeta!"

I'm all confused... looked at his plate... quesadilla. Finally I said, "YES! Quesadilla!" and he says "deeta..." looks at me like I'm so lame, and starts to eat. Hahaha.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Matthew sings

Matthew started singing this little ditty a couple of days ago -- I have no idea what the song is or where it came from, but it's awfully cute huh?

"Beyyyy bohhhh... Bohhh beyyyy..." hahaha. He looks so serious about it too!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Noticing when things aren't "right"

Matthew has started to notice when things aren't quite right, are out of place, or missing something. He's taken to saying "Uh ohhhh!" and pointing to whatever he feels isn't right.

On Saturday it was when we were at a community center, coming down the stairs and he looked up and went "UH oh!" and I looked at where he was pointing - it was the ceiling, where the paint was peeling.

Then on Sunday we were shopping for shoes and he was sitting on the padded bench and said "Uh ohhhh!" and I look and it's a rip in the padding and you could see the foam underneath.

He notices all kinds of things like this. He also does this when there's only one thing left of something - a Cheerio, a block that hasn't been added to the tower, a toy left in the tub. I find it both cute and amazing that he notices these things and knows they aren't quite right! :D

Oh and last night it was when he was in the living room playing, and I heard, "Uh ohhh!". He came around the corner with the TV remote in one hand and the battery case backing in the other. Um, yeah uh oh is right!! I guess he won't be playing with that anymore. At least he brought it to me right?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Matthew has switched from calling Sean "Dada" to "Dadeeeee!" - we aren't sure where he got this as we don't refer to Sean as "Daddy" ever, but it's the cutest thing!

He's also started saying a few two-word sentences. Just in the past week we've heard:
- "Cat, hiiii!"
- "Daddy non" (gone)
- "Cat non"
- "Mama off" (when I got him undressed for the bath, he pointed to my shirt and said this... as if to say I'm not going to be the only one to has to take off their clothes! hahaha)

Yes - observing when things are gone is also a new thing, and he holds out his hands as if to say "Where'd they go anyway?"

Another cute thing he's doing now is saying "Ummmm.", like when we're playing the 'what does it say?' game and I'm in between naming animals for him, or when he's trying to think of an answer, or sometimes just randomly we'll hear, "ummmmm" as though the cogs are really turning in there.

Monday, November 03, 2008

A little yardwork to build character :)

We had some cleaning up to do outside this weekend, so we enlisted Matthew's help. He did a great job actually! Well, except for the part where we'd rake a pile and he'd come blowing through kicking the leaves everywhere, haha. But he had a great time - we certainly weren't about to stop him. Could you? Look at that face! :)

What am I, your dog?

Matthew has somehow discovered the art of the "command", and he seems to get a real kick out of having Sean or I "fetch" things or do things for him. He will throw a ball across the room, and the point to it and say "Dada!", and then wait for Dada to fetch. Or, he'll come over and hand me a puzzle piece, and then run over to his puzzle and point to where the piece goes, and say "Mama!".

When I tell him he can get the ball (or whatever) himself, as in, "You can do it," he insists that no, he can't do it, it must be Mama or Dada. I am starting to wonder who is in charge around here...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

17 month update

Matthew is doing great - growing like a weed, running, talking, and getting into lots of trouble ;) Actually he's a good boy, but he's definitely pushing boundaries lately :)

Some of the new things Matthew is doing lately:

  • Saying "no". A lot. About everything. It's his favourite word!

  • He won't lie down in the tub anymore, but he does tilt his head back for rinsing if we ask him to "look up at the lights!" - depending on his mood of course.

  • He can crawl up the stairs on his own, and he counts them as he goes. "twoo-ah... feee... ife... icksss... effen... ate... ine..... twoo-ah..." - For some reason he always skips one and four!

  • He can eat a whole meal by himself with a spoon (ie oatmeal)

  • He can help get undressed by taking off his socks and can pull his shirt over his head

  • He can crawl through our legs

  • He can kick a ball forward - with surprising accuracy!

  • He has a funny habit of tilting his head to the side when we ask him a question that he doesn't know the answer to (or he has to think about). He looks like a little puppy!

  • He's learned that if he points to something and then says "Mama!" and points to it again, I will get it for him.

  • He really doesn't like to get out of his bed in the morning!

  • He can point to pretty well any body part you name. Recently he learned neck, knees, and thanks to Nonna, "tail". Yes, he knows where his tail is.

Also here are all the words he is saying now (the ones I can think of anyway!)
- Mama, Dada
- Opa, Nonna, Amouu
- apple, banana ("nana"), milk ("mil mil")
- up, down, open ("upa"), closed ("cuss"), on, off
- yes, no, NO!, noooooooo, no-no
- bye, bah-bye, hi
- ball ("bahh")
- blue ("boo"), purple ("puh-poo")
- M ("ehmmm"... as in the letter)
- Baba - his blankie
- diaper ("duh-puh"), poo-poo, pee
- baby
- light
- shoes ("shuss")
- eyes
- more
- done
- beep beep! (a la microwave, car alarm, or house alarm)
- treat ("teet!")
- zip ("lup") - when he sees a zipper
- hat
- possibly bisou ("bee boo") - kiss in French

He also knows countless signs now, which is great because even when he's throwing a fit or doesn't have the word yet he can still tell us what he wants. Like when he's upset and wants another banana after just finishing off a huge banana. Hmmmm. ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Fall

This was taken on our recent trip to the pumpkin patch. Matthew loved it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

First time-out (and so it begins...)

Well, Matthew had his first time-out this evening. I wasn't necessarily going to start them this soon :) But, in a moment of frustration I said "You're going to get a time-out!"... and once I said it, I had to do it. Here's how it played out.

So Matthew was eating his dinner and suddenly began flinging food off his tray. Now, he KNOWS he's not supposed to do that... but he IS only 16 months old, so I said, "No, Matthew, we don't throw food."

He looked at me, smiled, and then scooped up some food and tossed it off his tray. And then looked at me. Hmmmm.

So I said, "Matthew, NO - do NOT throw your food!" and grabbed his hands to try to contain the flying food. What does he do? Wrestles his hands free, looks at me, smiles... and tosses more food to the floor.

Oh, man. So, into time-out he went. I set the microwave timer for one minute, sat him on the step and said, "You're in time-out for throwing food. Now, sit there, until the timer goes off." Of course I had to keep sitting him down on the step... but when the timer went off, I said, "Okay, now come give Mama a hug." And he did. And then he looked at me like I was nuts, and toddled away. Haha.

First time for everything I guess! :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

16.5 months

I love this age... 16.5 months. Matthew is doing new things every day... he amazes me with what he learns, how he plays, the things he comes up with, what he knows all of a sudden. He definitely has his moments, and he is starting to resist and isn't as go-along-with-everything agreeable as he used to be (As evidenced by his new favourite saying, "No not!" or "No not that!")... but as long as he has SOME say in what we do, he seems happy enough. I know a lot of people talk about the "hell" that comes around 18 months - the screaming, frustration, acting out, disagreeableness... so for right now, I am enjoying this time :)

This morning I put Matthew in his high chair, and he pointed to his bib and said "bib" and then patted his tummy. I put it on, and he then signed "milk" and pointed to his milk. So I gave it to him, and he was happy. I put the tray on and he put his milk down, and signed "banana" and then said "NANA" (a first!). I said, "Do you want a banana?" and he said "Yes!" all smiles. I love it!

Then when he got down, he wanted his milk again, and when he was done with it he came over to me, patted my leg, and handed me the cup. LOL. I was making his lunch so I said, "Are you all done? Can you go put it in your high chair please?" And he toodles over to his high chair, puts the cup in, and then proceeds to run around in a big circle (the loop: dining room - living room - hallway - kitchen) saying "hichaaaaa... hichaaaaa... hichaaaaa!" lol!

Friday, September 26, 2008

16 Months

Matthew is 16 months old today! Happy Day buddy!

He is getting more and more interactive with us, and voicing his opinions on things. For example, we used to just grab a couple of books from the shelf at bedtime and read them to him. Not anymore... he definitely tells us which books he wants and does NOT want. The one we read 6 times the night before might get a "no no" and a shove from Matthew when it's suggested tonight. Hee hee.

He is also starting to understand the concept of colours. He can say a few of them, blue ("booo"), red (something like "yed"), yellow ("yeyo"), and will repeat when I tell him what colour something is. But as far as he's concerned everything is blue right now. He'll point to a red toy and say "booo!", point to a yellow duck and say, "boooooo". I say, "Actually the truck is RED Matthew. Red." and he might say "yed" or maybe "booooooo" haha. I think he just really likes blue.

And just this week he's added a couple of words: Ball (which he LOVES to say when he finds a ball), and bib (which he asks for as soon as I sit him in his high chair, in case I've forgotten that I need to put it on him ;) ). Also he pointed at the Froot Loops box yesterday and said "Bud! Bud!" so I think he knows bird too. Yay Matty!

To celebrate being a whopping 16 months though, he ate almost an entire bowl of oatmeal. Not a big deal, you say? Well he did it completely on his own, bowl on his tray, and ate it with a spoon. And he barely spilled any, none got on the floor or his hair, and he didn't fling the bowl when he was done. WOW!!

Unfortunately he's feeling under the weather for his 16-month birthday, with a bit of a head cold and some impending molars causing him grief. Hopefully he feels better soon because it's not fun for any of us!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New antics

Matthew adds new skills to his 'repertoire' almost on a daily basis now. Here are a few things he has picked up lately.

  • With plain old walking getting to be a bit boring, he's decided to try walking backwards. He's actually getting quite good at it - but not being able to see where he's going poses a bit of a challenge.

  • Similarly, Matthew has started running, which is fine and all, except when he finds himself going too fast or isn't sure he can stop before running into something, he simply puts his hands up and closes his eyes. We're trying to steer him clear of this practice.

  • He's adding new signs all the time now. Today at breakfast, he signed three signs together: "more", "banana", "please"! And, then today at lunch, I prompted him to say thank you, and he did the sign and said "tants" :)

  • He's also learning new words, now saying: more, shoes, up, down, owie, cat, yes, no (or... no-no-no), apple, blue, yellow (yeyo), and uh ohhhh!

  • Matthew's been going to daycare for a while now, and although he liked it and had fun while he was there (so we're told), he was still crying, sometimes a LOT, when we dropped him off. Until this week, when he didn't cry at ALL for Sean, and by Friday when I dropped him off, he actually reached out for Mimi when we got there, with a big smile on his face, and barely even said bye-bye to Mama! Such a big boy *sniff sniff*

  • We got Matthew a couple of wooden puzzles and he already knows where all the pieces go. He's also got his new bath shape sorter all figured out (although, even though he knws where they go, getting those pesky pieces into the holes is a trick!)

  • He's now able to sit down on a step or small chair... Tricky, considering you kind-of have to go at it backwards!

  • Matthew's been saying and waving "bye bye" for a while now, but now waves and says "Hi!" too.

  • He can give high-fives (and will to pretty much anyone who asks), and has even learned something new at daycare. All the kids give "enough respect" (fist-to-fist), which is funny since I don't even really know what that means. Kids these days :)

A few Summer pics...

I finally got our summer pictures off the camera and CDs so I thought I would share a few here! Matthew had such a great Summer, and we all had a blast out East with Nonna and Opa, Aunt Katie, Uncle Geoff, and the Larkins :) Enjoy...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Smarty pants

I just had to share - this morning Matthew combined two signs, "more" and "please" and then pointed at the empty banana peel on the table, and said "moaaa" (more). YEAH!

Also yesterday Sean showed me something he'd taught Matthew: when Sean says "ONE..." Matthew will say "Duuu!". He is counting!!

Um, but when we say "three...", he says "duuuu!" hahaha.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Matthew is 15 Months

Well, Matthew is 15 months old now, and growing by leaps and bounds. I thought I'd share a few notes about what makes him tick these days...

Matty's a very energetic little guy! Actually, big guy - most people think he is anywhere from 19 - 24 months old already. Now that he can walk though, he is on the go NON-stop. Running, walking, running... tiring himself and Mama out! :)

He LOVES trucks. Actually anything with wheels but especially trucks. He will point them out on the road, in books, on TV, and will even imitate them when he can just hear one.

He also loves cats (though the feeling is not mutual), and as we learned this weekend, dogs. He loves getting doggy kisses - much to Mama's chagrin - squealing with delight whenever a big sloppy dog tongue meets his cheeks!

He loves to play games with Mama and Dada, and his all-time favourite is to be chased (a la "I'm gonna get you!!"). Now all we need to do is stomp our feet and he will take off running in the other direction, arms flailing, howling and belly laughing, practically running into walls he's so excited. Hee hee.

He'll usually come to Mama or Dada and bury his head on one of our shoulder when he is really tired or hurt, but he has a special cuddle that he saves just for Dada. I can beg and plead for a cuddle, but Dada will get one every time, unsolicited. Thankfully, Matthew gives out kisses pretty readily - he's very affectionate when he's in the mood, even making the motion to plant kisses on perfect strangers (although I've tried to talk to him about the appropriateness of this ;) ).

He's very good at telling what he needs or wants, but also (most of the time) is okay when we tell him no or that we can't pick him up right that instant. Although, sometimes, he's pretty insistent about getting his way.

Matthew also loves to read books. I mean, loves loves loves. He will pick out books and bring them to anyone who will scoop him up and read to him. His favourite right now is "Hop on Pop" which he's started asking for by name ("pop pop pop"), lol. He's also pretty happy to sit and look at them on his own. In fact I've started putting a book in his crib with him at naptime and bedtime, and he is starting to favour that over his blankie!

Although he has his cranky or off days, or throws the occassional fit, he's generally a fun, gregarious, curious, adventurous, loving, happy little guy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just a few things I love...

Here are just a few things I love about our boy :)

I love the way he cuddles in to me when I put his blankie on my shoulder right before he goes in his bed. He just curls right up there and fits so perfectly and is so content and cuddly.

I love his new no-hands bum scoot, hilarious!

I love that he's so excited to walk and loves to 'practice' walking between two people every chance he gets. The look on his face - pure excitement - is priceless.

I love the way he says "yes" when I ask him questions. It's especially cute when I know he doesn't know what I'm saying, but says yes anyway. lol

I love how into cars and trucks he is. Give him something with wheels, he is happy.

I love love love the sound of his uncontrollable laughter when I 'munch' on his bare belly. And the way he pushes me away, but then waits for me to do it again. haha

Most of all I love the random kisses, out of nowhere he'll just turn around while we're playing and plant one on me with a big old "Muuaaa!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nearly 14 months

Well Matthew is quickly approaching 14 months and growing fast.

He's getting a little more brave (braver?) when it come to walking, and as long as he's in the right mood he'll try walking between Sean and me - a few steps. He is also standing pretty well on his own - as long as he is distracted and doesn't realize he's not holding on. He's still a little apprehensive when letting go - but when he finally does, I know he will take off running.

Just yesterday we were playing with Matthew, and he turned and walked away from me, into the hallway a bit. When he realized he was on his own, he stopped and bent over... sat down... and then stood up, all on his own! He did that a few times, laughing each time. Go Matty!! :)

Lately he's been doing something really cute - when he has two toys, one in each hand, he can't use his hands to scoot. So, he does a funny bum hop across the floor. He looks like one of those guys who hop around trying to levitate (to be closer to God? I think). It takes him a while to get where he's going though, so it's only a matter of time before he realizes it would be much faster to walk :) Haha.

Anyway in honour of being almost 14 months I put together this little collage... he's never far from a truck or a book these days :) Enjoy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

11 steps... progress!

Matthew had taken a bit of a hiatus on walking after his four steps a couple of weeks ago. He has been working on standing on his own (he will do it for a few seconds now if he's distracted enough), but preferred to scoot or cruise instead of trying to walk without holding something.

Yesterday we were playing on the porch, me sitting in a chair and him holding on. He decided to go get his truck a few feet away and much to my surprise, he just started walking! It was 11 steps in all - I counted, haha - and when he finally realized he was on his own he stopped, and wobbled... and then just stood there and giggled! It was the cutest thing! He bent over and put his hands down, then squatted... then stood up on his own. :O And finally sat down and turned to me laughing! Hahaha! I was so proud of him! He got a big kick out of the fact that he had done it himself.

Wow... I am all teary-eyed now. I knew this was coming but... he'll be walking (and running... away from me) soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Couple of videos

Here are a couple of recent videos that I thought we'd share...

So, bath time is really fun now. Sean discovered Matthew likes to get his face wet, and will even put his head in a stream of water, haha:

And here he is talking on the phone. Apparently, his ear is somewhere at the back of his neck. But... at least he is able to walk - er, scoot - and talk :)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

First haircut

Matthew had his first haircut on July 4. Sean and I took advantage of the holiday in the US so Sean could book off work for a couple of hours, and we had quite the adventure....He still has barely any hair but he did need a trim for the hair right on top. :)

We went to the Beach and had lunch at a pub with an outdoor patio to celebrate. Then, we went to have Matthew's hair cut at a place called Little Tots. He did great!! He didn't cry at all - in fact he was just a little curious as to what the stylist was doing, exactly.

Of course we took a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

Out to lunch, "before":

"Hmm... I'm not sure about this..."

Ahh, Daddy's always thinking. New water bottle = great distraction!

"Um, hello. What are you doing?"

He's like, "Whatever." haha

"So... how do I look?"

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Canada Day everyone...

Matthew had a great day! We went to the parade up the street and saw lots of trucks, fire trucks, a few floats, and some mini Kiwanis go-karts. Fun! Matthew liked the marching bands too, and clapped his hands a few times. He caught on to the flag waving very quickly and waved his little flags throughout the 20-minute parade (yes, it was a small one!).

This afternoon we went to the park so he could show off his very cute Canada Day outfit, and splash around in the pool there. Then this evening we had John and Alice and Connor over for a barbecue and Matthew shared his kiddie pool and sandbox with Connor. All in all it was a great day :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More steps...

Matthew is all about trying to walk now. It's so fun, and definitely a thrill for us! :)

Tonight he was going back and forth between me or Sean and the couch, he did it about 5 times, 4-5 steps each time. WOW!! It won't be long now. I can hardly believe we may have a walker before too long.

Sean was lamenting the fact that Matthew is going to fall down a lot more now (he thinks he can do more than he can do... and will lunge forward & nearly face-plant)... I'm not ready for bumps and bruises but I know it' all a part of growing up. Ouch!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

He took four steps! Twice!!

I should preface by saying, I know he's a little slow with walking, haha, but this is still really exciting and scary! :)

So lately Matt's been getting good at walking holding one of our hands or his walking toys. This morning while we were playing outside, he wanted to go over to the picnic table a few steps away. He would normally flop down on his bum or grab my hand to go where he wants to. Instead, he just... started... walking! It was only a few steps (4 to be exact) but I was like... WOW!!! HE WALKED!!

I thought it was a fluke. He's never even stood alone. Anyway later this afternoon we were at the park and he was standing holding onto his stroller, and again just turned around and took 4 steps before sitting down. :O

OMG!! I am totally freaking out here!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birthday Ice Cream!

I forgot to post that we started a new tradition for Matthew's birthday - going out for ice cream! His birthday day was the first time he'd ever had it and he LOVED it!!!

At the Dairy Queen near us, overlooking the Don Valley:

Matthew's first taste! It looks like he's not happy about it, but believe me, he was.

Matthew's birthday party

Thanks to all who came to the party - I hope you had as much fun as we did! It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather to be out in the back yard. Here are a few pictures of the day - all in all I think Matthew did really well for his first party :) And thanks especially to Nonna for all her hard work helping us to get ready, and Danielle for her awesome clean-up skills!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

First Birthday Matthew!!

Hard to believe it's been a whole year... I made a little collage of where we were just one year ago. It seems like yesterday...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day 3 of daycare...

Well Matthew has figured out what daycare is all about, and let's just say he isn't too thrilled about it. In his words: "This is crap!"

That is to say, I had to pick him up early today because he has developed a case of diarrhea. Very clever little guy!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Started daycare

Well Matthew took another leap into becoming a big boy today -- he started at daycare. He goes to stay with a lady named Heather, who watches two other boys while Matthew is there, Dakota who is 2.5 (Heather's son) and Eton who is 2. Heather is an ECE and used to work in a daycare center.

All in all I think it went well, he didn't cry when we left him there (although he did have a look of confusion on his face which was a bit disconcerting). When we picked him up he was both upset ("You left me here!") and happy to see us. Unfortunately he only slept for 15 minutes all day, which is a far cry from his usual 3-4 hours of naps in a day. He was a tired little boy tonight! Let's hope his future visits include a bit more sleep - for his and Heather's sake!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SO many new things

As Matthew approaches 11 months I'm realizing just how fast he is growing and learning. He has learned so many new things even just since being at Nonna & Opa's house that I am finding it hard to keep up and record it all.

He can scoot pretty much anywhere he wants to go, and will follow me out of rooms and find me around the corner. He also does the 'downward dog' (on hands and feet with bum in the air) all the time, and has done a few 'steps' of real crawling... although he prefers the one knee - one foot method.

He's taken to pulling himself up on furniture and cruising along to the end, and will transfer from one thing to another or from furniture to hands really well. He can stand holding on with just one hand now too. And today he climbed up half a flight of stairs mostly by himself, with me behind him trying not to freak out.

He talks constantly, in addition to signing a few things regularly ('more', 'all done', 'light', 'book'). Here are all the words he can say, a few he just started this week:
  1. dada
  2. bapa (Opa)
  3. mama - only when he really wants to, stinker ;)
  4. nana (Nonna) - ditto
  5. dat (cat)
  6. bah bah (bye bye)
  7. buhp (book)
  8. bup (depending on context: up, bear, cup, or bird)
  9. cesh (crash, as in his toy trucks)
  10. buhm (boom, as in towers falling down)
  11. yesh (yes)
  12. done - usually signs instead of saying though
  13. dan (down)
  14. light - usually signs instead of saying
  15. ba (ball)
  16. wa dat? or, dat? (what's that)
  17. muh (more) - usually signs instead of saying
  18. buff/baff (bath)
  19. bap (nap)
  20. booooo (moo, as in cow)
  21. dut (duck)
  22. besh (brush)
  23. tess (toes)
  24. just yesterday I think he said "nana" as in banana for the first time

He has started making a few more animal sounds in addition to roaring. He can moo ("boooohhhh") and sometimes repeats 'tweet tweet' with a bap bap.

He will thump his chest like a gorilla or clap like a seal when asked to, and can now point out his own ears, nose, fingers, hands, head (sometimes), belly (sometimes), feet, toes, and legs (sometimes). He's very good at pointing out eyes, nose, and mouth on other people and can find eyes on most toys and books.

When he starts getting cranky and it's close to meal time, I will ask "Are you hungry?" and he will say "yes!" or do the sign for eat/hungry (hand to mouth). If it's close to nap time, I will ask, "It is time for a nap?" and he will say "Bap!" and start waving bye-bye. If it's bedtime, I will ask "Is it time for a bath?" and he'll answer with "baf" or "buff" and wave bye-bye.

He loves music and loves to dance, whether it's music from toys, the stereo (which he will ask for by pointing), or singing. He's even started dancing while standing against furniture. he will clap to music (although can't do that while dancing :) ), and will even sing to music or on his own if asked to, in a very soft voice with head tilted to the side. So sweet!

He's getting more ticklish - I can usually get a giggle and a squirm by tickling his chest/neck, up his back, his sides, or his knees. Sometimes it turns into all-out belly laughs which is so much fun!!

I'm sure there are more things, it's honestly getting hard to keep up!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter pics

I forgot to post pictures of Matthew with his goodies on Easter morning! Here they are...

Love this new development :)

Now that Matthew is mobile he is so much happier just playing on his own. Yayyyy! It's great, I get a few more minutes to drink coffee and hop online in the morning, while he scoots around the dining room on his bum :)

Right now he's playing with the cat door, over, and over, and over again. Hee hee.

I have to say, the cat *really* doesn't like that Matthew is moving around - I guess he's suddenly more of a threat! The poor cat runs and hides whenever Matty goes on the move, hehehe.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Scooter! and clapping

That's right... we have a scooter! :O Matthew has finally figured out how to move forward to get to something in front of him. Instead of boring old crawling, he decided to kick it Ryan-style and pull himself along the floor while sitting. Go Matty!!

He also learned to CLAP over Easter weekend. I've been clapping to him for months and he never did it himself... but then we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the fam in Oshawa, and wouldn't you know it, he clapped for his Grandpa Butch! The same man who got him to wave bye-bye. I'm starting to think there are special forces at play here! ;)

Now, he will clap sometimes when he thinks he's done something wonderful, which I find hilarious. He was learning to put magnets on the fridge and anytime he did it, Sean or I would say "yayyyy!" and clap, and he'd join in. At one point he tried to stick a magnet, but it fell... so he turned to me, put on a big grin, and started clapping. HA HA! Nice try bud ;) Okay I started clapping too... who could resist? :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tooth #3

Tooth #3 is on its way... :)

Top right (his left):

Here it is enlarged:

And this one was just a funny one that I got while trying to capture the teeth :) hee hee!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A little update!

Matthew is growing by leaps and bounds, I can hardly keep up anymore.

He can now say a few words in addition to mama and dada:
- DUCK ("duck", sometimes "dut")
- CAT ("dat", sometimes "cat")
- LIGHT ("ite", sometimes "light")
- YES ("esh")
- FISH ("fthhhh")
- WHAT'S THAT? ("at?")
- He tries to say giraffe but it comes out as "ff", bath comes out as "bouf", and I think he is trying to say elephant, but it comes out as "epthh", hehe

He's also trying very, very hard to crawl. As of today he is doing a sort-of side wiggle to get to a toy in front of him. It's only a matter of time now. He's figured out how to get onto his tummy from sitting and can spin in circles and go backwards too. He basically isn't staying put, let's put it that way. Also when I got him from his nap today, he was in his crib on all fours. THAT was a first!

Yesterday he figured out how to point with his index fingers. That, combined with asking "what's that?" ("at?") means I'm constantly naming things for him :) Which is fun.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Day! And two toofs

As of a couple of days ago, Matthew officially has TWO teeth now. Wowzers!

And it was nice and sunny today (March 9) after snowing for about 30 hours :) So we went outside to play and took a couple of pictures. Enjoy!