Thursday, July 17, 2008

11 steps... progress!

Matthew had taken a bit of a hiatus on walking after his four steps a couple of weeks ago. He has been working on standing on his own (he will do it for a few seconds now if he's distracted enough), but preferred to scoot or cruise instead of trying to walk without holding something.

Yesterday we were playing on the porch, me sitting in a chair and him holding on. He decided to go get his truck a few feet away and much to my surprise, he just started walking! It was 11 steps in all - I counted, haha - and when he finally realized he was on his own he stopped, and wobbled... and then just stood there and giggled! It was the cutest thing! He bent over and put his hands down, then squatted... then stood up on his own. :O And finally sat down and turned to me laughing! Hahaha! I was so proud of him! He got a big kick out of the fact that he had done it himself.

Wow... I am all teary-eyed now. I knew this was coming but... he'll be walking (and running... away from me) soon!

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