Sunday, December 09, 2007

First babysitting experience...

Well, I am back from leaving Matthew with a sitter for the first time. I can safely say we all survived.

My house smells like burnt popcorn (I don't want to know...) and it cost me a fortune (the hourly rate has gone way up since I was a babysitter!!) but all in all I'd say it went well. I didn't have to bail on the evening and come home, so I'd consider that a success. She did call once to say he had woken up and was crying, and I said give it 10 minutes and call me back - at which point he had fallen asleep and all was well. Phew!!

I was sooooo nervous... but thank goodness, it went well. I think we have found our regular babysitter (she lives next door) - if she'll come back that is!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Yes that's right... he is talking up a storm... and what is he saying? DADA of course! I'll have to get it on video, it's really very cute. We think right now "Dada" means Sean/Dad, Maverick, food, lights, various toys, I'm happy, I'm hungry, and hello. :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting more mobile!

Matthew is getting more and more mobile these days - I guess it's time to start thinking about baby-proofing!

He can now turn himself in a circle while lying down, and does this quite often in his crib at night - we'll go in to find his feet where his head was. One time I even found him like that but with the blanket over the top half of his body, his legs sticking out the top. I have no idea how he managed that :) He will also scoot around, so I will put him down in one spot and go back to find him a foot away, kicking and smiling like nothing happened...

And now, in addition to rolling front-to-back (to get out of dreaded tummy time), he has also rolled back-to-front, much to his - and my - surprise! I was getting dressed the other day when he woke up, and I could hear him playing in his crib. Suddenly he started crying like he'd hurt himself, so I went in thinking he'd bonked his head on the rails - but no, there he was, lying on his tummy and flailing about. I think it surprised him more than me! When I flipped him over I said, "Wow, how'd you do that??" and he just looked at me with this huge grin that said, "I dunno!!" haha