Monday, November 20, 2006

12 weeks & belly update

We are starting the 12th week today - woot! We have our second OB appointment on Wednesday, so I'll write more then, but for now here are the newest belly pics...

...I am definitely not pushing out! ;)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The (food) Phases of Pregnancy

I think I'll have to start referring to the stages of this pregnancy based on the foods I am craving.

First, it was pretzels (the Pretzel Phase). Partly because they are handy - I could buy them in our cafeteria or vending machines. But it was really the only snack food that appealed to me in the beginning - between the salt and the carbs I was a happy camper.

Then, as you now know, it was the Cheese Phase. Cheese in any form - sliced, diced, flat and square or long string style - I would eat it all. I found it especially good melted over things and would find excuses to use it in my meals (hmm, I could definitely go for the French Onion soup, that has cheese in it! Or - I wonder how many tuna melts I can have in a week?). Then I'd get grossed out by the thought of tuna, of course, but that's another story.

As it happens, cheese doesn't hold the same kind of appeal as it did before. In fact the thought of eating it kind-of turns my stomach - I guess I just went too crazy and ate too much of it.

Enter... the Peanut Butter Phase. Now anytime Sean asks what I'd like for dinner, I'll hum and haw over it, reject all his suggestions, and will inevitably decide on toast with peanut butter. Of course, I have to have hot toast right from the oven, so the peanut butter gets warm and melts. Cold peanut butter is only suitable when you have either chocolate chips or bananas on hand, and even then, once I start thinking about peanut butter, I've got to have it quickly. The chocolate chips have been lost to the back of the cupboard for months, and bananas are too much work, so toast it is.

Now if you excuse me, I'm off to make dinner...

Our first gift

... compliments of Alex (thanks Alex!!). It's a Christmas tree decoration that has two birdies taking care of a little egg, and it says "Parents-to-be, 2006". How cute!!

Of course, I have gotten lots of things from Dee, like books and other key items, so thanks to Dee for those! (I tried on the mat. pants, unfortunately they are all too short! Guess I need to go shopping ;) )

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ho Hum (and cheese)

So, we are at nearly 10 weeks now. WOW! But, it strikes me that this is a very 'ho hum' time in our pregnancy. (I say "our" because, let's face it, Sean is dealing with just as much as I am, between my mood swings, food finickiness, and general lethargy)

It just doesn't seem like there is much going on. I feel pretty good. Tired, yes. Sometimes the occasional cramp or twinge; and eating seems to be a challenge. Nothing sounds good to eat, even if I'm really hungry which seems to happen a lot. Except cheese. I just can't seem to get enough cheese. Mmm... cheese.

But, other than that... nothing. Nobody can tell I'm pregnant, I'm not showing no matter how much I push out my tummy :) I've been reading pregnancy books but a lot of it just doesn't apply yet, so it still seems pretty abstract and far removed. It feels a lot like we are waiting for something big to happen...

I guess going through a major move, buying our first house, getting bigger and more pregnant, and changing roles will keep us busy enough for the next few months. Oh wait, I forgot about birthdays, holidays, and the New Year. And then there's a wedding to plan... maybe some renovations... a nursery... oh yeah a new car of some sort...

On second thought... maybe 'ho hum' is a fine place to be :)