Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ho Hum (and cheese)

So, we are at nearly 10 weeks now. WOW! But, it strikes me that this is a very 'ho hum' time in our pregnancy. (I say "our" because, let's face it, Sean is dealing with just as much as I am, between my mood swings, food finickiness, and general lethargy)

It just doesn't seem like there is much going on. I feel pretty good. Tired, yes. Sometimes the occasional cramp or twinge; and eating seems to be a challenge. Nothing sounds good to eat, even if I'm really hungry which seems to happen a lot. Except cheese. I just can't seem to get enough cheese. Mmm... cheese.

But, other than that... nothing. Nobody can tell I'm pregnant, I'm not showing no matter how much I push out my tummy :) I've been reading pregnancy books but a lot of it just doesn't apply yet, so it still seems pretty abstract and far removed. It feels a lot like we are waiting for something big to happen...

I guess going through a major move, buying our first house, getting bigger and more pregnant, and changing roles will keep us busy enough for the next few months. Oh wait, I forgot about birthdays, holidays, and the New Year. And then there's a wedding to plan... maybe some renovations... a nursery... oh yeah a new car of some sort...

On second thought... maybe 'ho hum' is a fine place to be :)