Monday, July 27, 2009

32 week update & pic

I thought I was 32 weeks last week, haha. No, that would be THIS week. Oops!

OB appt went well, I am up an enormous amount of weight which I won't share here, but hey, I can lose it later right? ;) Blood pressure and HR are fine, baby is moving well and lo and behold, my fundal height now matches my # of weeks! So, I've caught up.

I asked the Dr about flying and she said it's totally fine, but gave me a letter to take with me that says I'm fine to travel, just in case the airline wants to be turds about it :) I also asked about the Sciatica and she gave me some ideas of things that might relieve the pain, but basically it's just one of those things. Yikes.

Anyway here's a pic of the belly at 32 weeks. As Emiril would say... "BAM!"

Happy Summer

Monday, July 20, 2009

31 week update - adding insult to injury

I'm officially in the "thick" of the third trimester (pun intended). If you couldn't tell by the # of weeks, you'd certainly be able to tell by my ever-expanding girth, and my sudden lack of ankles. Just today they decided to swell up like balloons (the left much more so than the right, which I seem to remember happening last time), into full-fledged cankles. Isn't pregnancy glorious?

The first 31 weeks were so nice. *sigh* So, whoever sent my body the memo that it was time to go into full-on preggo mode, I curse you.

Being spared the lovely symptom of heartburn this time is of little comfort, now that I've got a new and much more debilitating one: sciatica. The injury part of this post. The lightening bolts of pain that shoot through your hip, back, and leg every time you stand up, sit down, take a step, attempt to roll over at night, or breathe. SO not fun.

And the insult part? A stretch mark. I know... most women get them. There's no way to prevent them. Blah blah. I didn't get a single ONE last time. Up until yesterday I thought I was spared this time too. I thought wrong. A lovely little red mark appeared out of nowhere on my belly... *pop*... like a weird little tattoo reminding me that I'm getting bigger around the midsection (and everywhere else). As though I needed a reminder. ;)

On the upside... My doctor didn't mention the results of my GD test which I took to mean I don't have it and can keep eating what I want. AND... I discovered my benefits plan covers massage therapy, so I promptly booked a pregnancy massage for the place around the corner. I go tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, I'm in a delirious massage-induced coma. Wake me when the baby's here :) Which reminds me... we have only 8 weeks til our EDD. Holy crap.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Birds and bees and baby sistahs

Matthew and I ran into a neighbour (Franka, the mom, Liam who's four and Breanna who's 2) while we were out for a walk before supper. Matthew's getting to be more chatty with people we run into, sometimes coming up with random things to tell them like "That's Mummy!" and "I have juice!".

In any event, after Liam introduced himself ("I'm Liam! I'm four!") and his sister, Matthew said "I Matthew!" and then to Liam's mom, "A baby in Mummy's tummy!" and pointed to my belly. Liam's mom said something like "Wow, that's great!" (of course she already knew this... haha). But then he nodded and said, "Yeah... baby sistah," with a big smile, looking quite proud of himself.

So cute.

That's when Liam piped up and asked, "Why do you have a baby in your tummy??" Hmm. I said "Uh well that's a great question buddy..." *stammer stammer* ... and then, feeling quite smart, I said "Well we have a baby coming so Matthew can have a baby sister, just like you!" At which point he looked at his mom, pulled a face, and said "I want to go to the park!". Phew. Birds-and-bees crisis averted. Preggo 1, four-year-old, 0. I think.

28 week update & belly pic!

This week we hit 28 weeks pregnant... which means - dun dun dun... the THIRD TRIMESTER. Craaaazy!

I had an OB appt today which went well - but they measured my fundal height again and first the student doc measured me at 4 weeks behind. When I said I was 28 weeks she was like "uh... I better measure again". On her second measure she 'found' 2 more cms. Yeah those measurements aren't subjective at all, haha. In any event the OB came in to talk to me and said she wasn't worried, that the ultrasound measurements came back a-okay and that the baby was just small. Apparently she's in the 34th %ile, so not in the 'worriable' range at all, but the doc does want to keep an eye on things just to make sure everything keeps progressing as it should.

It's so strange to me to think about a small baby, given how big Matthew is. Then again he was always right on for measurements (I think right around 50th %ile?) so you never know!

They didn't have the results of the GD test yet... Hopefully it's all fine. They said they'd call when they got it in (I assume they'll only call if it's pos.).

OH... and I start going every TWO WEEKS now. Woah. I can't believe I am THERE already!!!

Anyway here's a pic of the House of Baby G2! :)

And of course, a progression...