Monday, July 20, 2009

31 week update - adding insult to injury

I'm officially in the "thick" of the third trimester (pun intended). If you couldn't tell by the # of weeks, you'd certainly be able to tell by my ever-expanding girth, and my sudden lack of ankles. Just today they decided to swell up like balloons (the left much more so than the right, which I seem to remember happening last time), into full-fledged cankles. Isn't pregnancy glorious?

The first 31 weeks were so nice. *sigh* So, whoever sent my body the memo that it was time to go into full-on preggo mode, I curse you.

Being spared the lovely symptom of heartburn this time is of little comfort, now that I've got a new and much more debilitating one: sciatica. The injury part of this post. The lightening bolts of pain that shoot through your hip, back, and leg every time you stand up, sit down, take a step, attempt to roll over at night, or breathe. SO not fun.

And the insult part? A stretch mark. I know... most women get them. There's no way to prevent them. Blah blah. I didn't get a single ONE last time. Up until yesterday I thought I was spared this time too. I thought wrong. A lovely little red mark appeared out of nowhere on my belly... *pop*... like a weird little tattoo reminding me that I'm getting bigger around the midsection (and everywhere else). As though I needed a reminder. ;)

On the upside... My doctor didn't mention the results of my GD test which I took to mean I don't have it and can keep eating what I want. AND... I discovered my benefits plan covers massage therapy, so I promptly booked a pregnancy massage for the place around the corner. I go tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, I'm in a delirious massage-induced coma. Wake me when the baby's here :) Which reminds me... we have only 8 weeks til our EDD. Holy crap.