Thursday, July 02, 2009

Birds and bees and baby sistahs

Matthew and I ran into a neighbour (Franka, the mom, Liam who's four and Breanna who's 2) while we were out for a walk before supper. Matthew's getting to be more chatty with people we run into, sometimes coming up with random things to tell them like "That's Mummy!" and "I have juice!".

In any event, after Liam introduced himself ("I'm Liam! I'm four!") and his sister, Matthew said "I Matthew!" and then to Liam's mom, "A baby in Mummy's tummy!" and pointed to my belly. Liam's mom said something like "Wow, that's great!" (of course she already knew this... haha). But then he nodded and said, "Yeah... baby sistah," with a big smile, looking quite proud of himself.

So cute.

That's when Liam piped up and asked, "Why do you have a baby in your tummy??" Hmm. I said "Uh well that's a great question buddy..." *stammer stammer* ... and then, feeling quite smart, I said "Well we have a baby coming so Matthew can have a baby sister, just like you!" At which point he looked at his mom, pulled a face, and said "I want to go to the park!". Phew. Birds-and-bees crisis averted. Preggo 1, four-year-old, 0. I think.