Thursday, July 02, 2009

28 week update & belly pic!

This week we hit 28 weeks pregnant... which means - dun dun dun... the THIRD TRIMESTER. Craaaazy!

I had an OB appt today which went well - but they measured my fundal height again and first the student doc measured me at 4 weeks behind. When I said I was 28 weeks she was like "uh... I better measure again". On her second measure she 'found' 2 more cms. Yeah those measurements aren't subjective at all, haha. In any event the OB came in to talk to me and said she wasn't worried, that the ultrasound measurements came back a-okay and that the baby was just small. Apparently she's in the 34th %ile, so not in the 'worriable' range at all, but the doc does want to keep an eye on things just to make sure everything keeps progressing as it should.

It's so strange to me to think about a small baby, given how big Matthew is. Then again he was always right on for measurements (I think right around 50th %ile?) so you never know!

They didn't have the results of the GD test yet... Hopefully it's all fine. They said they'd call when they got it in (I assume they'll only call if it's pos.).

OH... and I start going every TWO WEEKS now. Woah. I can't believe I am THERE already!!!

Anyway here's a pic of the House of Baby G2! :)

And of course, a progression...