Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Sister's name

I was talking to Matthew yesterday about his baby sister and what her name should be. I figured I should get his input :) So I asked him, "What should the baby's name be?" and this is how it went:

Matthew: "Baby's name be?"
Me: "Yeah... what should we name your baby sister, do you think?"
Matthew: *thinks* "Mummy?"
Me: lol "Well, that's already my name... we need a new name for the baby."
Matthew: "New name for baby?"
Me: "Yeah... a new name. What do you think we should call her?"
Matthew: *thinks* "Daddy?"
Me: lol "K, that's a good idea... but that's already Daddy's name! We need a brand new name."
Matthew: "Matthew?"
Me: "Hmmmm. Yes... good choice. But... that's your name! That's what we picked for you! We need a new name, just for baby."
Matthew: *thinks... hard* "Um..." *thinking* *looks around* "Oh!... Pirate."

So... okay. Baby Pirate it is then.

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