Monday, June 08, 2009

24 week Dr visit & u/s

We saw the doctor last week for our regular checkup, and everything seemed great. She checked my fundal height (how big my belly is) and hummed and hawed a bit, and then gave me a requisition for an ultrasound to check the baby's growth, since I measured about 2 weeks behind. Besides that though everything seemed fine!

So we went today for the ultrasound and got another peek at the baby! She (yes, the tech confirmed that "the sex hasn't changed", haha, so it's still a girl!) was moving all around and kicked the ultrasound probe a couple of times. Little Miss Feisty :) But the tech said everything looked okay to her and she checked the fluid levels and cervix and all seemed well. She showed us the flow in and out of the umbilical cord and we watched and listened to the heartbeat. Very cool.

We also got a couple of pics. Yay! Here she is...

1. Baby is folded in half in this one, with arms and legs in front of her body:

2. A profile pic -- I think it looks like she's laughing (at us?) here: