Thursday, January 02, 2014

Baby Girl is 11 months old!

Seriously? Eleven months?? Ack! No!

Alas, it is so. The baby is growing before our very eyes... Opa says she is smart, "No, like really smart." Here's a short list of some of the amazing things she is doing lately... It's literally something new every day... I can barely keep up.
- signing 'milk', 'more', 'eat', 'all done', 'water' (with one finger), 'owie' (sortof), 'book' (sortof), shakes her head no and waves hi and bye.
- says dada, mama, more, hi, no, wow/woah, 'ah-ah' (my sound for stop/don't do that), na (Nonna), pa (Opa), ba (ball), and be-a (bear). She also makes a 'tte tte' sound and sortof tickles her own belly when she's being tickled or wants to be.
- growls like a bear - most animals in her world growl, apparently! - and sometimes says 'at at' when you ask what a duck says and 'fff' for a dog.
- crawling everywhere! Can't do steps yet so she's still contained to the Family Room (for now!)
- she will stand up holding onto furniture if you put her that way, and has started pulling up onto her knees 
- plays peekaboo (with her hand on the side of her head, haha)
- says 'brrr' when driving a toy truck/car
- still loves to dance, starts to boogie anytime music comes on, and has added a few moves to her repertoire (like shaking her hands in the air)
- starting to open and close doors (cabinets and big doors that aren't latched). Tricky when she crawls into a room, closes the door and then gets 'stuck' behind the door which has happened a few times!
- can roll a ball and chase after it.
- happiest if she can hold more than one toy in her hand at a time.
- started dropping food from her tray and will smile and say 'ah-ah' and shake her head no. Stinker.
- loves to read books before bed. She will be almost asleep nursing but if I say "Book?" she will pop right up and reach for the books on her shelf.
- fake coughs for attention and will 'laugh' when others laugh
- can point to her toes when asked and tries to put on her socks and shoes.
- sprouted her four bottom teeth all on the same day about a month ago (that was fun...), and is working in a few top teeth now.

She is such a joy. Happy 11-month birthday not-so-little one.

One word: toes!