Friday, August 28, 2009

Belly progression

Getting closer to the end now... eee!

36 weeks - nest nest nest

I've been feeling so BLAH for the past couple of weeks and really stressing about all the things we have to do...

Finally last night I got a second wind. Sean did bath & bed with Matthew and I started to half-heartedly clean the kitchen. Well, once I got started, I just kept going, and going... for nearly 3 hours I scrubbed the stove, microwave, fridge, toaster oven, cupboard doors, etc. I even polished the stainless steel, including the sides of the dishwasher that you can't even see when it's closed. It was like I couldn't stop...! I just kept seeing things that needed to be wiped and cleaned. I knew I was being a bit neurotic when I was cleaning the utensil holder but man, it felt good. It's so sparkly and clean today that I feel inspired to do the rest of the house. The dining room / play area is done, living room is in okay shape... I just need to tackle the bedrooms and bathroom and do all the floors. Oh and the basement of course. And the nursery. And never ending laundry. If only I didn't have to be working this week and next!!

Anyway I hope this trend continues... it would be so nice to have a polished house to bring baby home to!

In other news....
We had our 36 week appointment yesterday and everything is right on track, I'm measuring 36 cms so right where I should be. HR and BP were great, pee looks good (I know you all wanted to know about that ;) ) and baby is active and head-down. Still no stretch marks to speak of but I know there's still time for those to appear! I've been getting lots of Braxton Hicks contractions... and thankfully the Sciatica is completely gone.

Oh and we got the baby's car seat this week too! Yay! One more thing off the list. Here's a couple of pics:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"My friend"

This is Matthew's cutest new thing, calling us his friends. For example, if he and Daddy are in the back yard, and the neighbour comes outside, he'll point to Sean and say "That's my friend, Daddy!". Or if he and I are playing, and Sean comes downstairs, Matthew says "Here's my friend, Mummy!"

So, so cute.