Friday, January 30, 2009

Dubba-you.... EM!

Overheard this morning while Matthew was eating his breakfast:

"Dubba-you.... EM!.... Dubba-you.... EMM!.... Dubba-you...."

I look over, and he's got a piece of a waffle in his hand, that he's turning upside-down & back again, as he says the letter. Apparently, it looked like a W. Or an M. Hahahaha.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Matthew's Snowman

Even though this has clearly become Sarah's blog, I still have posting rights (for now anyway) so I just had to add a cute story.

Matthew still notices everything. Case in point, a while back he and Sarah built a snowman in the front yard. He was your typical 3 tier kinda guy, with sticks for arms and Smarties™ for his eyes, nose and mouth. Incidentally, he quickly became kind of creepy looking as the Smarties™ melted.

Anyway, that was several weeks ago and for a while afterwards, every morning when we left for Mimi's he would say "maaan". At first I would look around but eventually I figured out that "maaan" = "snowman", sans "snow" (hey, not everyone is as quick as he is). After a few weeks he kinda stopped and I forgot about it.

We've gotten quite a bit more snow since then, with last night dropping about 3-4 inches on us. So this morning when we left for daycare, this how the walk to the car played out...

Matthew (in a really sad voice): "Awwww..."
Me: "What's the matter buddy?"
Matthew (pointing to the front yard): "Awwww..."
Me: "What is it?"
Matthew (pointing again, sounding even more sad): "Awwww....maaaan!"

It's at this point that I notice that all that is left of the snowman is a lump about the size of a softball and the top of the two sticks poking out of the freshly fallen snow.

Me (stifling a chuckle): "That's okay buddy, he's just hiding."
Matthew (with huge grin)" "Maaan...hiding!"

That kid is observant!

20 months - language explosion!

Matthew's had a total language explosion in the past few weeks. He's always been a pretty chatty little guy, but lately the words and sentences he comes up with just shock me. He's got to be up over 200 words now - I've honestly stopped counting, it's like ten new words every day.

He's also saying his name finally! He says it like "Maf-yew"... it's so cute :) I love hearing him refer to himself, like "Mummy's coffee... hot. Mafew's mup-mup [milk]... code [cold]!" He also loves to name all the people in his life, including one name that I have no idea who it is (Buh-buth...?? Anyone?), and if he sees a picture of three animals, will randomly assign them "Mummy, Daddy... baby!".

He knows all his letters now, uppercase and a few lower case. He can name all his colours, including pink and grey, knows 'circle' and 'square', and can count to ten (sometimes... usually he skips a few in the middle ;) ). He can also pick out the biggest and smallest object in a group, and forget shape-sorters... those are a piece of cake - even the one with 12 pieces is no big deal for him.

I am seriously blown away by this kid.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Choo choo!

Matthew got this little train set for Christmas, and he looks so cute playing with it that I just had to share a few pics. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who is "oo"? Who are "oo"?

Matthew's taken to calling himself "oo". It took us a while to figure out what he meant when he said "oo", and we've been trying to get him to say his own name for a while now. He used to say something like "Mabou" a long time ago but then he dropped that completely... So from here on out, he shall be referred to as "oo", which is great because he will now exactly who we're talking about when we say things like "Hey oo!" and "Cmere, oo." :)