Wednesday, January 28, 2009

20 months - language explosion!

Matthew's had a total language explosion in the past few weeks. He's always been a pretty chatty little guy, but lately the words and sentences he comes up with just shock me. He's got to be up over 200 words now - I've honestly stopped counting, it's like ten new words every day.

He's also saying his name finally! He says it like "Maf-yew"... it's so cute :) I love hearing him refer to himself, like "Mummy's coffee... hot. Mafew's mup-mup [milk]... code [cold]!" He also loves to name all the people in his life, including one name that I have no idea who it is (Buh-buth...?? Anyone?), and if he sees a picture of three animals, will randomly assign them "Mummy, Daddy... baby!".

He knows all his letters now, uppercase and a few lower case. He can name all his colours, including pink and grey, knows 'circle' and 'square', and can count to ten (sometimes... usually he skips a few in the middle ;) ). He can also pick out the biggest and smallest object in a group, and forget shape-sorters... those are a piece of cake - even the one with 12 pieces is no big deal for him.

I am seriously blown away by this kid.