Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Matthew is TWO!!

Hard to believe that our little boy is two years old already! Where has the time gone??

Happy 2nd Birthday Matthew!!

Here's a quick list of the things our 'big kid' is doing these days:
  • He can run and kick a ball, can throw, and is learning to catch
  • He can count to 17 (ish) - skipping 6 and 7 most of the time. He is also starting to count to ten in French.
  • He knows his full name, as well as his mom and dad's names
  • As of this morning, he can successfully walk down the stairs on his own, holding the railing
  • He can get into the car and up into his car seat on his own
  • He can drink through a straw, and is learning to drink from a cup (when we give it a try!)
  • He's starting to put puzzles together (one ones that fit together, versus the 'block' style that have cutout shapes)
  • His favourite saying these says (besides "No!") is, "Matthew do it!!" or, "I do it - by myself!"
  • He can brush his teeth pretty well... the front ones, anyway. We think he's just starting to get his second set of molars now.
  • He loves slides and goes up the stairs and down the slide at the park on his own. Whee!
  • He starting to play WITH other kids, likes to trade toys, and watches what other kids (and adults!) are doing and tries to imitate them.
  • He can sing a few songs now (Frere Jacques, ABCs, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Rolly Polly) and loves to burst into song whenever the mood strikes him.
  • His favourite books right now are Where's Olivia (a lift & flap book), Sleepy Baby, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar -- although he loves all his books.
  • By far his favourite toys are cars and trucks and anything else with wheels!
We are just loving watching Matthew grow and develop and turn into a real little boy - although it is bittersweet since we're saying goodbye to our little baby and hello to this new little person!

For his birthday we're going out for ice cream (after presents at home!), and then having a small party on the weekend with his cousins and little buddies from daycare. We can't wait!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's official: he's a big boy

Matthew is only approaching two, but I think we can officially classify him as a 'big boy'.

- he has successfully made the leap to a real bed (yeah!)
- he's also becoming so much more independent, learning to go down stairs holding onto just the railing (and not my hand).
- we hear "NO! Matthew do it!!" at least 6 times a day.
- The WHY's have started ("Mummy? I want juice! Please."... "Hmm, no juice right now, but I'll get you some more milk."... "WHY??"... "Because milk's good for you."... "WHY??"... "Because... uh... it just is.")
- He can go up the stairs and down the slide at the park totally on his own. Woop! And would be happy to do this 45,000 times a day.
- And, today, the doctor confirmed it - he's a big boy. He weighs 34 lbs and is 37" tall. 97th %ile for each (Doc: "Well, he's well proportioned!" lol)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Boy Bed!!

Matthew is getting closer and closer to becoming a full-fledged BIG BOY. We went out this weekend and got him a bed!

We asked him if he'd like to go shopping for a big boy bed, and rather than his usual response to everything ("Noooooo! No-- Nyes."), he jumped up and said "YEAHHH!"... so off we went!

When we saw the bed (that we had actually picked out online ahead of time ;) ) Matthew got so excited and wanted to try it out right there in the store. In the checkout line he kept asking "Where's big boy bed??" -- I had a hard time explaining that it was in those two boxes ;) He also picked out his own sheets and duvet cover - with a bit of help from Mom - and we got him a new 'big boy' pillow. All set!

The next day Matthew helped Daddy to put the bed together...

Then he had to try it out right away (in the hallway), and check to make sure his thumb still works in this big bed... yup! It does! Yippee! He actually said "I'm SOOOO excited!!" :D

While Matthew had a bath, Daddy finished setting up the bed in his room. When he saw it all set up he actually did a dance and said "YAYYY!" -- He really was SO excited, haha. Of course he hopped right in and he's been doing GREAT in it ever since. He slept all night in it the past two nights, and had a four hour nap in it yesterday.

So... another big leap toward becoming a big boy. It's bittersweet... but very exciting!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh yeah, the BIG news!

How could I forget?? Oh right, I know - I have a brain like a sieve now.

Anyway - we finally found out the news about WHAT this baby is!

That's right... Matthew's getting a little SISTER! We are thrilled! :) :) :)

Belly progression

So far so good... although I definitely think I'm progressing a lot faster than I did with Matthew.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

20 week belly!

Here we are at 20 weeks! Half-way there... woo! And, yikes! :)

Oh and no, we didn't find out the sex yesterday. I called and called yesterday to no avail. We'll find out on Thursday at our Dr's appointment!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Matthew (and baby) funny from this morning

Lately we've made a habit of tacking "... and baby!" on to the end of the list of people that we refer to in our house. Matthew likes to point out who is doing what, ie, "Three eating supper! Mummy *points*, and Daddy *points*, and Mashew!" (yes he thinks his name rhymes with cashew, lol). I'll usually say, "...and baby!" and point to my belly - sometimes Matthew will tack it on himself if he thinks of it, but not usually.

Anyway this morning we were coming down the stairs and Matthew was talking about Daddy making breakfast and blah (he never stops talking, I swear), and started naming who would be eating breakfast: "Beckfish for Mashew! Mashew, and Daddy, and Mummy... and baby!" I was like "Yeah baby too!" and then he goes,

"Baby loooooves to eat" and nods his head as if to say "yep, s/he sure does."


When I asked what the baby eats, he said "Applesauce!", in a very duhhhh Mom kind of tone. Of *course* the baby eats applesauce. ;)

Update on Baby Bean

I know what you're thinking: this poor kid, totally getting the short end of the blog stick. It's true... #2 is hard-done by. I get it. But such is life.

Anyway, things are going amazingly well so far. We're nearly halfway already!! 19 weeks 2 days today. Unreal. The baby has been kicking and belting me on a regular basis... too early to feel it from the outside yet (sorry Sean) but believe me, I am feeling it :)

We went for our "big" ultrasound today. Amazing!! We were able to see so much, and even a 3D view like last time. Unfortunately they have a lame new policy of NOT TELLING the gender while you are there, we have to find out from our doctor next week.


She couldn't even give us a 'between the legs' picture to analyze in the meantime. Grrr!

Besides that everything is looking great (to me anyway!). And yes, I have been taking belly pictures, just not very many so far (and really not much to see yet). I plan to take one next week when we hit 20 weeks, and will post that along with the GENDER on Tuesday! (fingers crossed we will find out that day, I am dying here!)