Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Matthew is TWO!!

Hard to believe that our little boy is two years old already! Where has the time gone??

Happy 2nd Birthday Matthew!!

Here's a quick list of the things our 'big kid' is doing these days:
  • He can run and kick a ball, can throw, and is learning to catch
  • He can count to 17 (ish) - skipping 6 and 7 most of the time. He is also starting to count to ten in French.
  • He knows his full name, as well as his mom and dad's names
  • As of this morning, he can successfully walk down the stairs on his own, holding the railing
  • He can get into the car and up into his car seat on his own
  • He can drink through a straw, and is learning to drink from a cup (when we give it a try!)
  • He's starting to put puzzles together (one ones that fit together, versus the 'block' style that have cutout shapes)
  • His favourite saying these says (besides "No!") is, "Matthew do it!!" or, "I do it - by myself!"
  • He can brush his teeth pretty well... the front ones, anyway. We think he's just starting to get his second set of molars now.
  • He loves slides and goes up the stairs and down the slide at the park on his own. Whee!
  • He starting to play WITH other kids, likes to trade toys, and watches what other kids (and adults!) are doing and tries to imitate them.
  • He can sing a few songs now (Frere Jacques, ABCs, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Rolly Polly) and loves to burst into song whenever the mood strikes him.
  • His favourite books right now are Where's Olivia (a lift & flap book), Sleepy Baby, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar -- although he loves all his books.
  • By far his favourite toys are cars and trucks and anything else with wheels!
We are just loving watching Matthew grow and develop and turn into a real little boy - although it is bittersweet since we're saying goodbye to our little baby and hello to this new little person!

For his birthday we're going out for ice cream (after presents at home!), and then having a small party on the weekend with his cousins and little buddies from daycare. We can't wait!