Friday, May 01, 2009

Update on Baby Bean

I know what you're thinking: this poor kid, totally getting the short end of the blog stick. It's true... #2 is hard-done by. I get it. But such is life.

Anyway, things are going amazingly well so far. We're nearly halfway already!! 19 weeks 2 days today. Unreal. The baby has been kicking and belting me on a regular basis... too early to feel it from the outside yet (sorry Sean) but believe me, I am feeling it :)

We went for our "big" ultrasound today. Amazing!! We were able to see so much, and even a 3D view like last time. Unfortunately they have a lame new policy of NOT TELLING the gender while you are there, we have to find out from our doctor next week.


She couldn't even give us a 'between the legs' picture to analyze in the meantime. Grrr!

Besides that everything is looking great (to me anyway!). And yes, I have been taking belly pictures, just not very many so far (and really not much to see yet). I plan to take one next week when we hit 20 weeks, and will post that along with the GENDER on Tuesday! (fingers crossed we will find out that day, I am dying here!)