Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Boy Bed!!

Matthew is getting closer and closer to becoming a full-fledged BIG BOY. We went out this weekend and got him a bed!

We asked him if he'd like to go shopping for a big boy bed, and rather than his usual response to everything ("Noooooo! No-- Nyes."), he jumped up and said "YEAHHH!"... so off we went!

When we saw the bed (that we had actually picked out online ahead of time ;) ) Matthew got so excited and wanted to try it out right there in the store. In the checkout line he kept asking "Where's big boy bed??" -- I had a hard time explaining that it was in those two boxes ;) He also picked out his own sheets and duvet cover - with a bit of help from Mom - and we got him a new 'big boy' pillow. All set!

The next day Matthew helped Daddy to put the bed together...

Then he had to try it out right away (in the hallway), and check to make sure his thumb still works in this big bed... yup! It does! Yippee! He actually said "I'm SOOOO excited!!" :D

While Matthew had a bath, Daddy finished setting up the bed in his room. When he saw it all set up he actually did a dance and said "YAYYY!" -- He really was SO excited, haha. Of course he hopped right in and he's been doing GREAT in it ever since. He slept all night in it the past two nights, and had a four hour nap in it yesterday.

So... another big leap toward becoming a big boy. It's bittersweet... but very exciting!

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