Monday, October 01, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy: Week 22 - Crackerjacking and Other Pregnancy Woes

What happens when willpower decreases to 'less than none' and appetite increases to 'lumberjack on crack'? (Heh... Lumbercrack? Crackerjack?...) [Sidebar: Do crackheads have a big appetite? Anyone know? Let's assume they do.]

You get what I like to call Pregnancy-Induced Out of Control Snacking, aka Crackerjacking. I'm there... I'm SO there.

The issue really is my snack drawer at work. Yes... I have a whole drawer. Yes... I'm the one who fills it with tasty delights. I told you - I have NO will power! I go into the store with a list like this... looks pretty good right? (if you ignore the glaring grammatical error... ahem):

And come out of the store with these instead:
- chocolate & caramel pudding cups
- 8-pack of mini Oh Henry bars
- bag of mini doughnuts (do they count as 'mini' if you eat 4 at a time?)
- yogurt-covered raisins
- bag of Hickory Sticks

Um. Yes. Yummy. And sadly none of these delights lasts very long in the Drawer O' Plenty.

SO... that's why this week I've vowed to change my eating habits. I'm starting over in the snack department. I'm determined to feel better, try to clear up my skin (damn you pregnacne*!), and provide this baby with some actual nutrients and stuff. Not that chocolate isn't good. It is. (please don't be mad at me chocolate, I didn't mean it!) But it's not cutting it -- so, if anyone has any great ideas for healthy snacks that I can have at work with minimal prep, please share!

Onward and upward...

Other happenings this week:
- I had a doctor's appointment. I am up nearly 20 lbs now... WOW. I know... you're supposed to gain weight when you're pregnant, but... wow. Yes, snack revision needed! Other than that she said things look great - baby's heart rate was 140 bpm, my blood pressure was 105/55, and fundal height measured 22 so right on track.
- Back pain. Oh, dudeness. I had forgotten about this, somehow, but was slapped in the face with it on Sunday after an afternoon of cooking (two lasagnas and a big pot of pasta sauce - yes! Back pain - doh!). I hobbled around the rest of the evening cursing my short-lived burst of energy and cuddled up with my new BFF, Mr. Hot Water Bottle.
- Have I mentioned pregnacne? Awful. Just awful. That is all.
- Heartburn. Hello, my other BFF Mr. Gaviscon!
- Suddenly and without warning (heh), my coat has shrunk. Sure, this happened the last two pregnancies, but it's a surprise every time -- I go to do up my coat and, What the hell? Why won't it reach? It's caught in the back?... *yank*... No? Oh.... Yes. Shrinking coats - just another side-effect of pregnancy.

*pregnancy acne, obviously.
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