Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If I Had Some Time to Blog...

As a good friend often and eloquently puts it: "no time".

I often think of things I could write about... if only I had more time. Sooo many ideas floating in my head and nowhere to put them! Here's a quick list of topics I WOULD cover, if I had the time:

  1. The End of an Era: when your kid stops napping (and your world comes crashing down)
  2. All the crafty things I'd like to have time to do and blog about, like cute Halloween decorations, and Advent calendar ideas
  3. Ten reasons why I'm NOT doing 'elf on a shelf'
  4. Potty-training your headstrong toddler
  5. Things to do when you have insommnia
  6. The Angry Birds birthday party we did for our 5-yr-old (it was awesome!)
  7. My thoughts on the Amanda Todd situation
  8. Kids' lunch ideas
  9. Learning how to use my camera, one poorly-taken photo at a time
  10. Veggie Gardening: lessons learned by a first-timer
If I had some more time, I'd also learn about how to increase readership and get more blog members... how to spread the word about my blog... how to break into the coveted inner circle of the mommy blogger world.

Alas, for now you are all stuck with my weekly pregnancy posts and the occasional drive-by about random stuff! Although, if you have any tips for how to increase readership and/or time, please share :)

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