Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy - Week 26: Doc Appointment & Baby To-Do List

So as many have gathered from reading about How to Pee in a Cup, I had a doctor's appointment this week. That's pretty much the most exciting thing that happened, other than more annoying heartburn and back pain, both of which I plan to put an end to soon!

I've gained like 24 lbs already. Trying not to worry about the number much. I just hope it's not 60 lb like with The Boy. Egad...

Blood pressure was 110/55... pretty low still. Pee looked good (the few drops I could squeeze out, haha), asked about heartburn, got a Rx for Zantac. Confirmed it will either be my doc or the other doc in the office delivering (it will be). Asked about back pain, and I plan to get a referral for an RMT, found one in my neighbourhood who does prenatal massage, so YAY! She asked if I wanted a note for the RMT and I *stupidly* said I didn't need it yet, I'd get one next time. WHY?? So of course this week was wrought with back pain galore and I was left cursing myself and my lack-of-a-noteness. Moron.

I also got a requisition for the glucose test. Asked the doc if it was really necessary, as I passed without issue both times before... she said no test is mandatory. So, not sure if I will even do it. Would be good to know if I have gestational diabetes, but I have no reason to think I do... so... meh.

That's about it! Oh and I mentioned some 'yucky' camps I'd had the previous weekend and she didn't seem alarmed but said if they happen again, to go to the hospital. They can't do the fibronectin (sp) test in her office, and don't like to manually check the cervix as it can mess up the test. Honestly, I was halfway hoping she'd check me, I'd be 1 cm dilated and she'd order me off work, lol. No go. Oh well :)

On my Baby To Do list currently:
  • Order baby book. We have the same one for both of our other kiddos, and of course I can't buy this particular style anywhere here (of course!), so need to order online.
  • Register at the hospital. We're already signed up for labour & delivery classes in December so may just register then...
  • Make an appointment for a prenatal massage.
  • Make a contingency plan for when we head to the hospital... As my parents have callously decided to jet off to Africa and aren't planning to return until 2 days before our due date. How could they! ;)
  • Start some prenatal yoga. No, really. I have to do this. I'm achy and creaky and starting to walk funny.
  • Start stocking up on little diapers. Have to keep my eye out for sales!
  • Paint & set up The Girl's room and get her moved in there so we can start setting up the nursery (her current room).
OH... and this is my last week of the second trimester (depending on how you count - some say third trimester starts week 27). And I am totally not freaking out about that. At ALL.

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