Monday, October 28, 2013

All About the Baby Girl - 9 months

So, it's been nearly nine months since this baby girl came into our lives. Nine months... As much time OUT as IN. Unbelievable. Even more unbelievable? The fact that I haven't made a single post about her yet! Kicking off the Third Child Complex right from the start.

In any event I felt I needed to make a few notes about her, so when she asks later I'll have something to refer to (you KNOW my brain will be complete and utter mush by the time she's able to talk and ask questions about her infancy...).

Baby Girl:
- she loves to babble (dadada, bababa, nana, buh etc)... Still refuses to say Mama though. Stinker.
- she can clap - real claps that make sound!
- she's able to sit up and play for a good long while. She's starting to voice her opinion when we (I) walk away from her, but unless she's tired or hungry she basically shrugs and gets back to playing.
- she loves to dig in baskets or containers of toys and take them all out
- she loves anything that makes noise (rattley toys are the best!)
- she loves music, and dancing. She's even started to "sing", which sounds just like babbling except she dances while she does it. Too cute.
- she WAS sleeping 10-11 hours/night for a few weeks, until about a month ago... Now she typically wakes up 1-2 times a night for smiles, kisses and general merriment. She did sleep an amazing 12 hours last night (hallelujah!) but I'm not banking on that being a trend - though this tired mama would LOVE that.
- she recognizes the signs for 'more', 'all done', 'milk', and 'sleep', and does a sortof clap sign for 'more'.
- she likes to bang toys together, and will pass a toy from hand to hand and turn it over to study it.
- she's able to get onto all fours (in her crib), albeit sloppily, and will lean while sitting into a sortof yoga pigeon pose. I can tell she's starting to think about crawling, but we're not there yet (thank goodness...We're not ready for a little mover yet!). She does manage to move while sitting though, usually ending up a few feet from where I put her down.
- she's slowly sprouting a little blonde hair, though mommy keeps cutting her fuzzy Mohawk as we keep getting comments when we're out ("Oh I love his funny hair!"...)
- she shared her Cheerios with me for the first time last week. And I happily ate them, despite the fact that they'd already been in her mouth. :) You can never refuse food from a baby!
- she looooves to give kisses (open-mouth slobbers), and will now rest her head on you if you ask for a hug. Awww.
- her favourite game is peek-a-boo, she'll put a blanket on her own head and then kick and squeal until she pulls it off triumphantly. I was there all along, haha!
- we've already had her first visit to the IWK ER. :( She somehow dislocated her elbow a few weeks ago... Thankfully she didn't mind too much and we had an awesome triage nurse (shout out to the nurses! Holla!!) who clicked it back into place without any hullabaloo.
- she can high-five! The Boy wants to teach her to fist-pump now...
- she loves her animals, and gives big smiles to the bear, lion, and elephant on the walls in her room.
- she's taken to eating solid food like an expert from day 1 - there isn't much she won't eat! She's not a fan of baby cereal anymore, but gobbles up cheese, oranges, Cheerios, puffed wheat, salmon, rice, peas... Well everything really! Despite having...
- NO teeth yet... Not a single one. Thought I saw something happening in there last week but it seems they retreated? Gummy smiles abound!

All around she's a very easy going, happy, adorable, BIG, sometimes loud, always charming baby girl. Love me some Lolo.