Thursday, April 26, 2007

Preggo humour...

A little preggo humour for today.
The one on the left? Yeah that's totally me. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

34 week OB appt

Quickie update... our OB appointment went well today. I gained 2 lbs (right on track), blood pressure and baby's heart rate were great, and my fundal height was 34 cm, perfect! Baby is still head down - yay!

I asked about my swelling feet (left foot tends to swell up a little these days - sometimes right too but usually just the left. Weird!) and she said it was fine. Just one of those things.

After our next appointment (May 8), we start going every week. WOW! Only 6 weeks left til the due date... it's approaching so quickly I can hardly stand it. I'm a bit stressed, but overall I am so excited to meet this little one!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Birth class & Hospital tour

We had our all-day birth class and hospital tour this weekend. Wow, did it ever make things seem close!!! We spent most of the day talking about the stages of labour, the role of the support person, and some pain coping techniques and breathing exercises. (click on the hospital logo to go to their website)

Sean and I came up with a breathing technique that I think will work for me - him doing hand movements similar to a conductor. Having been in the choir all those years I think following a conductor will come as second nature. Well, we'll be trying all kinds of things, including the jacuzzi tub, breathing, walking, and of course, drugs. :)

Anyway as a result of the class I think we both have a better idea of how the day(s) might play out and what to expect... At least, in theory.

The rooms themselves are all new too, and pretty nice. They are way into promoting bonding between mom and baby (ie putting the baby on mom's chest and doing apgars there, waiting to do the eye gel until a while later, starting breastfeeding as soon as you and baby feel ready).

The best part of the class? When the teacher brought out all kinds of items to use for back massage, and the guys practiced massaging their partners' back. We could have done that ALL day and I would have been happy with the class :) hee hee.

All in all I was really encouraged by the day and I think it gave Sean a better idea of some things he'll be able to do to help me through it. Oh one thing that came up was whether or not Sean will be able to cut the cord. I'm sure the caregivers will allow (and encourage) it, I'm just not sure Sean's stomach will. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

32 weeks - OB appt and general update

Just a quickie post today - I am nearly 33 weeks now! We had an OB appointment a couple of days ago and it went well. Blood pressure is great, fundal height was spot on, and the baby's heart rate sounded great too. I gained 3 lbs this time... but averaging 1 lb/week so it's all good. The baby is still kicking up a storm and making my belly morph into some really interesting shapes. I can even see his little feet bulges sometimes, on my side, so that's a bit freaky :) And he's still head-down, yay! He just has to stay that way for the next 7 weeks or so :)

Sean and I went shopping last night to finalize our bedding / nursery colours, and to pick out our stroller. This is what we've decided on for the bedding set... isn't it the cutest??

And finally... I left Sean alone in the store for all of about 10 minutes, come back and find him with an armful of clothes for the baby. hahaha. He just couldn't resist this set... I don't blame him - it's too cute!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am such a chocoholic these days. It really feels like an addiction. We had ONE Caramilk chocolate egg left and I had Sean go find it (it was on the window sill by his desk) and bring it to me. But, it wasn't enough, I need MORE.

Now, Sean was out for a lot of the afternoon dealing with contractor and house renovation stuff. He came home with groceries (no chocolate, argh!!), he did make sure to get everything I'd asked for (WHY didn't I ask for chocolate??).

So... what do you think... can I get away with asking him to go out (in the rain/sleet/yucky weather) to get me some chocolate?

Probably not eh. Oh poo.

All I can think about right now is CHOCOLATE.

Hey side note... did you know there is iron in chocolate? (Thanks Geoff! :P) It makes sense, then, that I crave it so much - my Dr said my hemoglobin is low. So, really... I need like a prescription for chocolate. Sean should go get me some, you know, for my health and all.

Someone please CALL SEAN on his cell phone and tell him to go get his old lady some chocolate!! :) :)