Thursday, April 12, 2007

32 weeks - OB appt and general update

Just a quickie post today - I am nearly 33 weeks now! We had an OB appointment a couple of days ago and it went well. Blood pressure is great, fundal height was spot on, and the baby's heart rate sounded great too. I gained 3 lbs this time... but averaging 1 lb/week so it's all good. The baby is still kicking up a storm and making my belly morph into some really interesting shapes. I can even see his little feet bulges sometimes, on my side, so that's a bit freaky :) And he's still head-down, yay! He just has to stay that way for the next 7 weeks or so :)

Sean and I went shopping last night to finalize our bedding / nursery colours, and to pick out our stroller. This is what we've decided on for the bedding set... isn't it the cutest??

And finally... I left Sean alone in the store for all of about 10 minutes, come back and find him with an armful of clothes for the baby. hahaha. He just couldn't resist this set... I don't blame him - it's too cute!