Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am such a chocoholic these days. It really feels like an addiction. We had ONE Caramilk chocolate egg left and I had Sean go find it (it was on the window sill by his desk) and bring it to me. But, it wasn't enough, I need MORE.

Now, Sean was out for a lot of the afternoon dealing with contractor and house renovation stuff. He came home with groceries (no chocolate, argh!!), he did make sure to get everything I'd asked for (WHY didn't I ask for chocolate??).

So... what do you think... can I get away with asking him to go out (in the rain/sleet/yucky weather) to get me some chocolate?

Probably not eh. Oh poo.

All I can think about right now is CHOCOLATE.

Hey side note... did you know there is iron in chocolate? (Thanks Geoff! :P) It makes sense, then, that I crave it so much - my Dr said my hemoglobin is low. So, really... I need like a prescription for chocolate. Sean should go get me some, you know, for my health and all.

Someone please CALL SEAN on his cell phone and tell him to go get his old lady some chocolate!! :) :)