Friday, March 30, 2007

OB appointment - 31 weeks

I had an OB appointment today so thought I'd update (again!). We have appointments every two weeks now which makes it seem like time is flying even faster. I guess that's been the theme of this blog so far - other than food - "Where has the time gone??" :)

Anyway the appointment was great. I made sure to keep track of the questions I wanted to ask, since the appointments are so quick and I usually forget or don't have a chance to get them in. Here's a quick 'status update':
- my blood pressure is great
- I think my weight is good (she never comments but I only gained 1 lb since last time, phew! Thanks to Mom making me healthy lunches and going for walks :))
- I am measuring exactly as I should be, 31" (fundal height)
- doppler sounded great. Actually what she said was, "Great - sounds like a baby!" lol

The questions I asked were:
1. When should I start looking for a pediatrician? A: Now.
2. Can you recommend any? A: Yep, ask the receptionist for a list.
3. When do you start doing internal exams? A: Not until 39 weeks, or if you're having lots of contractions. Before that, in her opinion, is silly and unecessary and it's basically only old doctors who do regular internals before that. (lol)
4. Can you tell what position the baby is in? * I didn't actually get to ask this, as she was already checking by the time I thought of it, hehe. But, good news, the baby is head down! As I suspected with the hiccups, but good to have confirmation. :)

We go for our 1-day birthing class and hospital tour on April 15. I'm excited to see what the floor and rooms are like! We registered for a private room so hopefully they have one available when I go into labour. I think the class & tour will make things seem THAT much more real though - and I'll really have to kick things into high gear to get ready for baby :D