Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The List...

Hey everyone, long time no post! Shame on me.

Sarah sent me a list today of things we need to do to get ready for Baby G's grand arrival. The list had all sorts of stuff on it -- from simple things (like stocking up on on onesies and diapers) to more time consuming things (like our all day child birth class and painting the crib) to more stuff that I'm sure we'll agonize over (like picking the bedding set and stroller). It was arranged by weekend in count-down fashion for the next 11 weeks.

Now in her note she made sure to mention that she knew we had a lot on the go and this list was meant to help and not stress me out further. I understand where she's coming from (we did take a pretty huge bite out of the busy cookie these last few months) but for some reason looking over this list induced very little stress in me. In fact it made me giddy.

I have to say that, despite everything that is or has been going on, I am super excited and happy that Baby G's on the way. As far as I am concerned his timing couldn't be better.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share.