Who We Are

Sarah, aka "Mom". Awkward mom of three small minions, I enjoy a glass of wine now and then, am online a little too much, don't get enough sleep, and love my kids more than life itself. I used to like to 'do art' but spare time is a thing of the past. Instead, I can be found pinning arty things on Pinterest in the hopes of someday getting some "me" time and the energy to execute some of them. Oh, every summer I attempt to grow vegetables! Last year I got two cucumbers! Woo!

DH, Dear Husband, aka "The Hubs". We got married after we had two kids, and after 5.5 years of engagement. I wanted to make sure he was REALLY the one. Turns out, he is! He's a dork in every sense of the word and I love him to bits (and bytes). He also *loves* his tools, and any excuse to go the "The Depot". Sometimes he even finds time to use his tools to build and/or fix things!

DS, Dear Son, aka "The Boy". Our first-born, just-turned-eight-year-old boy. Happens to be a genius AND adorable (but I'm not at all biased). He loves LEGO, books, Minecraft, math, Skylanders and Stampy videos. And his little sisters -- most of the time.

DD, Dear Daughter, aka "The Girl". The apple of my eye, she is five AND A HALF, and just as likely to jump in a mud puddle as to twirl and go "weeeee!". Her smile could melt your heart and her scream will make you want to gauge out your own eardrums, but when she looks at you with THOSE EYES, you are toast.

BG, Baby Girl, aka "Baby Girl"
. Spunky, adorable, LOUD, happy-go-lucky munchkin, trying her best to keep up with the rest. Has been to the ER twice (pulled elbow - which mommy knows how to fix now!), likes to run and jump and roll and climb, and love love LOVES her big bro and sis.