Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday big boy!!

Our wee Matthew is three years old. THREE! Wow.

Happy Birthday to my little man. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She's on the move!

It's official: the girl is on the move. I can no longer put her down and leave the room, and expect to find her in the same spot when I get back. Unless she's strapped into something :) Tonight I sat her down in the hallway upstairs to watch her brother do puzzles (surrounded by pillows of course...), while I ran the bath etc. After a minute I heard her wailing a complaint, and came back to find her on the other side of the hall, stuck in a half-roll against the closet door. Haha. Poor kiddo! Such a significant milestone... rolling across the room. Go Emily go!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I looked at Matthew today and realized...

... I am a mom to a big boy. Like a full-fledged, real-deal, his-own-person, big grown up little boy.

When did this happen? Honestly, I want to know. What has happened to the past three years? Who said he could grow up? Since when does he tell jokes, make up songs, wipe off my kisses, go upstairs to the bathroom by himself, make up stories to tell me, get his sister a toy...? Since when does he come up with a list of people to invite to his birthday party (me, his dad, and Opa topped the list... haha), since when does he decide he wants to be the goalie and 'play in the net', and decide that he has a favourite colour (brown)? Since when does he know how to climb the rock wall at the playground and go down the Big Kids' Slide? Who said he gets to grow up??

I know. He's still little. Just... lately he seems so BIG. As sick as I am of changing his man-size diapers and listening to him whine, I almost want to hang onto those things because his little-boy-ness seems to be slipping away and being replaced with preschooler-big-boy-ness.