Thursday, February 12, 2009

A couple of new pics

You asked, I deliver :) Here are a few recent pictures of the boy...

Matthew on the phone. When I ask him who he's talking to, it's usually "Opa!" or "Nonna!" but sometimes it's Mummy or Daddy. He walks around the house with this (old, not working) phone to his ear, doing other things like pulling his wagon or drinking his milk at the same time. Hee!

Showing off his cute new outfit. It says "Bring on the Snow" - of course now I am sick of the snow but it's a cute shirt anyway.

Looking a lot like a big boy... He was all ready for day care so he grabbed his lunch bag and stood by the door waiting for us!

* I tried to upload some videos but I guess they are too gigantic to be hosted here so I'm putting them on Facebook for now. Sorry! :(

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Clearing away the snow

We recently had a bit of an issue with snow on our street, like everyone else this Winter I guess. Well our neighbours complained to the city enough times that they sent out the cavalry... Matthew had a lot of fun watching the trucks clear all the snow! here are a few pictures: