Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matthew's first date

This evening before supper Matthew was outside playing with the neighbours and we turned around and saw this. So so so cute. This is the little girl Matthew's age who has been saying for months that Matthew is her boyfriend. If you look closely you'll see she brought her baby on the date, haha.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We've moved!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barreling towards 7 months...

Emily is just growing like a weed and doing some neat things lately so I thought I'd share! She will be 7 months old at the end of the week... WOW.

She's making all kinds of fun sounds lately, like "Aaaabuhh", "Pthhhh" and "Betthhh" :) She's trying hard to sit up, working out her ab muscles anytime she's lying down. She can roll tummy-to-back of course and also has rolled back-to-tummy (and got stuck in her crib that way once!). She plays Peek-a-boo, covering her own face with a blankie and waiting for us to say "Where's Emily?" before pulling it off, all smiles when we say "Peek-a-boo!", over and over again. She also does this fake cough thing that is too cute... just to make sure we are paying attention to her, of course ;)

She eats three square meals a day of cereal, fruit, and sometimes veggies... and so far enjoys pretty much everything, except avocado! She loves the mesh feeder though and ate an entire banana with it the other day, and has now finished an ntire box of Mum-mums (not all at once!). She's also had a few sips of water from a sippy cup, and took to it like a pro.

She's started to throw toys on the floor on purpose, and can pass things from one hand to another. She's good at 'raking' things towards herself from her highchair tray. Most, if not everything she can get her hands on goes straight into her mouth. She still sucks her thumb all the time (which I think is really cute) and recently has become very attached to a certain little bunny blanket. I had it put away in my diaper bag for a couple of weeks and this morning I got it out again - you should have seen her face! It was like she was reunited with a long lost friend :) So sweet.

She is so full of smiles and happiness, especially for her big brother whom she *adores*. Matthew is so good with her too, and loves to do things to make her smile or laugh when she needs a friend. I can't wait to see how their relationship grows in the coming months / years.

That's about it! Oh and she got weighed at the doctor's not too long ago, when we went for shots: 17.3 lbs at 6.5 months! And I swear 5 lbs is in her cheeks alone ;)