Diary of a Real Pregnancy

The following is a week-by-week real life account of what it's like to be pregnant. None of this "It's a miraculous time" / "You are glowing" crap. No -- this is the real deal. Come on the crazy ride with me... 

-- First Trimester --

Week 4: Finding Out

Week 5: Fear and Trepidation in my Uterus

Week 6: Eye-Burning Exhaustion

Week 7: Things are... Back to Normal?

Week 8: The Dreaded C-word... c-c-constip... ahh I can't even say it

Week 9: Starving, and Stuffed

Week 10: Still Starving, And Letting the Secret Out (a Little)

Week 11: The Miracle of Maternity Pants

Week 12: The Proof in the Ultrasound Pudding

-- Second Trimester --

Week 13: And Now the World Knows

Week 14: Mush Brain and Baby Names

Week 15: I'm Old, and The Talk

Week 16: I Feel (Not) Pretty

Week 17: Active Baby and You Are What You Eat

Week 18: Not Much Happening

Week 19: Almost Half-way! What? HOW?

Week 20: Rootin Tootin Cowgirl (and the big reveal!)

Week 21: Anger Management

Week 22: Crackerjacking and Other Pregnancy Woes

Week 23: Back pain, but Eating Well Again!

Week 24: SICK

Week 25: Heartburn, hobbling, and denial

BONUS: How to Pee in a Cup

Week 26: Doctor's Appointment and Baby To-Do List 

Week 27: You Know You're Pregnant WHEN...

-- Third Trimester --

Week 29: Reprieve

Week 30: Retribution

Week 33: Alien Baby!

Week 34: Finishing up Work

Week 35: HoliDAZE, and a Cheap Tour of L&D

Week 36: The Final Countdown

Week 37: Getting There & Nesting

Week 38: Birth: Not Gonna Happen