Saturday, October 27, 2007

An update re: napping

I just went back to read the post about how awful naps were going, and just wanted to say they are now going really well!! It took us about 10 days to get Matthew used to the nap 'routine' and not having to nurse in order to sleep. I definitely think the key was transitioning him from play to sleep with a routine (diaper change, sing a song, read books, say goodnight to the things in his room, and put him down in his crib). Now, I think he knows what to expect at the end of all that - so when we put him down, it's sleepy time, and more often than not he goes to sleep with hardly a peep. It's great - he now takes two or three naps a day, and they are gradually getting longer too: 45 mins - 1.5 hours. Yayyyy Matthew!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

First time eating cereal

Well, we finally took Matthew's cues that he was ready to try some solid food, and gave him a bit of cereal tonight. For a while now he's been pretty fascinated watching us eat, and recently even started moving his mouth when he saw us take a bite. Based on the Dr's advice that we could start anytime that we felt he was ready, we gave it a go.

The pictures and videos say it all - he loved it! He was eating from the spoon as though he's been doing it for months, I could hardly believe it.
"Yummmmmm, this is good whatever it is."

"Here, just let me do it."

Happy (early) Halloween!

I couldn't resist... :)

Happy Halloween!
and, Happy Birthday Nonna!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adventures in Baby Food

We haven't started Matthew on solid foods yet, but the time is near. In order to prepare, I've started buying organic veggies from the local Farmer's Market to puree and freeze. So far I've done sweet potatoes and squash - yumm!

It only took three days (off and on) to process 6 large taters and 1 squash. Hmmmmm. I guess it's a good thing I've started early - I will need the next month just to have some things for the kid to eat. Yes, I could just buy prepared food. Bah! They don't call me Suzy Homemaker for nothing!

Okay, nobody calls me that. But I digress...

Here are a couple of photos of my efforts. I made sure to take lots, in case I never do it again. I can say I tried it, at least once :)

5 Month pics

Just a few pictures of Matthew at nearly 5 months (in a week!)

Mmmm yummy fingers!

Love those kissable cheeks... :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Kick that Duckie

Check out these videos of Matthew making a big splash during bath time... (excuse the nudity ;) )

Monday, October 01, 2007

4 month update

Matthew had his 4-month appointment on Sept. 26 (his 4 month birthday!) and it went great! He did have to get a few more shots :( But he was a champ and very brave and only cried a little. The Dr said he is doing great (except with naps, and his head control is a bit behind but we're working on it). He has grown a lot too - mostly in length - he now weighs 6.42 kg (14lb 2oz) and is 67.5cm long (26.6") - long and lean!!

So basically the Dr said we need to do a lot more tummy time - which he hates - and naps in his crib - ditto. Who knew turning 4 months old would be so rough?

Won't nap!

Since Matt's 4-month appt we've been trying to get him to nap in his crib, per Dr's orders. Also I've been trying to break him of the habit of nursing to sleep.

So far it's going miserably. He's gone a couple of days without napping except to fall asleep at 5pm completely exhausted, only to wake up again an hour later. And only after nursing him to sleep.

I'm pretty much at my wit's end. I don't know what to do... He's been getting up earlier lately, around 7:00 am, and I've been bringing him into our bed to nurse and sleep more. I think that's totally screwing up his day.

We're going to try imposing a routine/schedule starting tomorrow that looks like this:
7:00 am - wake & feed, play
9:00 am - down for nap (riiiiight)
10:30ish - wake & feed, go for walk
12:30ish - down for nap #2 (ha)
2:30ish - wake & feed, play
5:00 pm - nap
6:30ish - wake & feed, play
7:30 - start bedtime routine (bath, massage, feed, stories, lights out, say goodnight)
8:30pm - asleep (hahahaha)

All this hinges on getting him to sleep at all, which is a big joke. I seriously do not know what to do - he is just refusing to sleep during the day no matter what I do. And then at night we go through the whole routine only to cave and nurse him or rock him to sleep. This has got to end! I am tearing out my hair!!!

I just have no clue how to get him to sleep during the day without rocking, walking, or otherwise lulling him to sleep... even then it rarely works. UGH.

Found his feet

Well little superstar has found his feet and won't let go! He loves to grab his toes and play with his feet, and even uses them to hoist toys up to his hands when they are out of reach. I can't wait until he realizes he can stick them in his mouth, hee hee.