Saturday, October 27, 2007

An update re: napping

I just went back to read the post about how awful naps were going, and just wanted to say they are now going really well!! It took us about 10 days to get Matthew used to the nap 'routine' and not having to nurse in order to sleep. I definitely think the key was transitioning him from play to sleep with a routine (diaper change, sing a song, read books, say goodnight to the things in his room, and put him down in his crib). Now, I think he knows what to expect at the end of all that - so when we put him down, it's sleepy time, and more often than not he goes to sleep with hardly a peep. It's great - he now takes two or three naps a day, and they are gradually getting longer too: 45 mins - 1.5 hours. Yayyyy Matthew!!