Thursday, January 28, 2010

A first around here!

Emily fell asleep today... in the Jumperoo... practically mid-jump! The lights are music were still going, in fact.


Matthew never fell asleep randomly like that. I guess Emily just wanted to combine two of her favourite things - sleep and the Jumperoo. Haha. And yes... I did move her to her bed (after snapping a few pictures... and a video ;) )

Incidentally, the other day (after her shots and the 'excitement' of the Dr's office, mind you), she was so late for her nap that she fell asleep on her change table... *while* I was redressing her.  I was doing up her sleeper and I look up and there she is just snoozing away. Too funny.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thumb and feet!

Emily has found not only her thumb (hoo-raaaaayyyy!) but as of today, her feet! It's the cutest thing to watch - whenever she has bare feet, she immediately grabs hold of one foot and tries to get it in her mouth. Thankfully getting her thumb in is easier... now we just need to work on keeping it there. She gets pretty upset when it suddenly 'disappears', haha.