Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bye bye, gummy smile!

Hello, toofy grin!

Emily is finally working on her first tooth (possibly teeth)! They don't even seem to be bothering her much, thankfully.  Here are a couple of pics!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


- sleeps 12 hours / night and 2-4 hours / day. Love it.
- claps (sort-of, she just learned), waves "hi", "bye" and "goodnight" (so cute to see her wave goodnight to herself in the mirror), and sometimes puts her hands above her head for "hooray!". She will do a high-five also.
- has been saying "hi!" for about a month, but I've only recently accepted that she's actually saying it. I thought it was just random / baby noises, but it's definitely in context like when someone walks in the room.
- does the sign for "more", though she does it after she's just gotten more of something
- rolls to get around, yesterday I put her down while I put her brother for a nap and 5 mins later found her all the way under her crib :O
- today she 'scooted' forward on her tummy to get to a toy, army-crawl-style. It was only a couple of inches out of grasp but still a huge leap!
- still no teeth, but got a diaper rash out of the blue this morning (Matthew got bad rashes when he had teeth coming... I think her bottom two are about to pop through)
- sits in the bath without a seat / assistance. A whole new bath experience!
- finally sitting well enough not to need pillows behind her. So fun.
- complains when you take something away from her
- loooooooves her brother... lights up when he comes in the room, smiles and coos when she hears him on the monitor, cranes her neck to look at his picture on the fridge
- says "puh", "abbuh", "dadada", "bababa", "muhmuhmuh" etc
- does a fake cough to get your attention
- giggles anytime she sneezes
- loves to be outside, breeze on her face, smiles at the trees and the sound of birds, loves grass under her.
- loves a thrill -- will throw herself backward when sitting on a couch, bed etc, loves to be swung around, dipped upside-down, thrown in the air (not that I would do any of that ;) ) etc. Oh and rolls off change tables.
- has the cutest head-tilt thing that she does
- is so happy, calm, laid-back and cute. I wish I could bottle her up and keep her this way forever!