Saturday, January 28, 2012

We did it! - Monthly Family Challenge: January

We did it! We went to the library!

I know... this seems like no big deal. But, given that our weekends are usually jam packed with all the chores and errands that we don't get to during the week, taking a few hours out to just hang with the kids is a rarity.

We're lucky that our local library has a great kids' section with a load of toys and puppets and such, amongst all the kids books and tables and couches. There was a lot of complaining, whining and crying before we left the house (mostly from me) but by the time we got there, we were ready to get our book on.

I had to giggle when The Boy looked around at one point and said, "Woah... look at ALL the BOOKS!" like a kid in a candy store. Love that.

The kids had a great time pulling the books off the shelves and putting them back in the wrong spots (er... sorry librarians), and we left with two armful of new books to read - and try to keep track of for the next three weeks before we return.

January's Challenge: check.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Monthly Family Challenge: January

Screw the New Year's Resolutions. The "Resolution thing" didn't really work out for me -- surprise surprise -- so, I'm doing this instead.

I read about the "Time Well Spent Family Challenge" recently (here) and I think it will be a much better challenge for us to take up. Sure I can try to exercise more -- and I will. Probably. Maybe?

But... the monthly family challenge means
  1. planning ahead for family events (something we're terrible at), 
  2. knowing we will be breaking out of our normal routine at least once a month, and 
  3. spending quality time doing fun things as a family. 
Plus it's really only 12 things spread out through the year, so it's not a huge change or time commitment (great). I'm IN!

The challenge for January:  Visit a Library
January - Visit a library: In celebration of National Literacy Day on January 27th, how about planning a family trip to any one of the great public libraries in HRM?  While you're there be sure to browse their huge selection of books, stop for a play in the children's area, check out their events calendar and more.  Before you leave, don't forget to take a few minutes to get your kids their own library card! 
This is GREAT, because I've been meaning to take the kids to the local library here since we moved. It's been nearly a year and we still haven't gone! So, I will be at the library tomorrow, with my two little ones in tow. I'm actually really excited about this since The Boy is SO into books right now.

Yay for 2012! Yay for books!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ten things that annoy me (today)

I'm in a mood... so bear with me, okay? Here are a bunch of things that are irritating me.

  1.  Close-standers. Really, the food court is not big enough that your elbow needs to be touching mine? Back the fk up, seriously.

  2.  Colleagues who try to trouble-shoot their own email issues by unplugging a bunch of wires from the back of their computer (because, yeah, that might work), and then coming to ask me to take a look at it. Why would you do that?

  3.  Any Facebook status that includes the words "Louboutin" or "Golden Globes".

  4.  While we're on Facebook statuses: any that end with "re-post if you agree!". No, I will not. Also? Those pictures that get shared with words of wisdom like "Behind Every Good Man is a Great Woman.". Really, we need pictures of these things? We can't even be bothered to copy & paste this recycled stuff? Really.

  5.  Photos of kids using the potty. I don't care how proud you are of them... I don't even really want to watch my own kid on the crapper, I certainly shouldn't have to look at yours, thankyouverymuch.

Not at all Bootylicious.
  6.  Grown women wearing anything with Hello Kitty on it, or the words "Bootylicious". Just... no.

  7.  Other moms who form their judgey parenting scorn in the form of a question: "Oh, you let her walk around carrying that bunny blanket all day?" Shut up, beotch, and yes I do. Your kid is eating his own boogers as we speak, let's talk about THAT.

  8.  Politics, Game-Day play-by-plays, anything to do with any of the  Kardashians. I don't care.

  9.  The commercials on XM radio, especially the Oprah station (yes, I listen to Oprah on XM satellite radio... what). Considering she's supposed to be all zen and stuff, the commercials on her stations have got to be the most annoying on the entire planet. You know the ones: they yell the same thing at you no less than 10 times, to make sure you get so annoyed that you repeat it ("I hate you, Service Magic!") few minutes later. Aaand... they got you.

  10.  Anyone who uses "eXpecially", "supposeBly", or "co-inky-dink". NOT words, people.

  10 1/2. PMS.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little voice

Tonight, while reading The Going to Bed Book with The Girl, she seemed fixated on the little dog who was on his way back down to bed (at last):

Staring and pointing at the dog, in her two-year-old voice, she says: "Doggie fell down. He sad... he bump his head. He crying... he say 'Daddy!', he go woof-woof, woof-woof." Hehe.

Each time I tried to turn the page, she'd want to turn back to that page to see the doggie who fell and hit his head. I finally had to explain to her that he was just resting, he was okay, and he was going to bed but he wasn't very happy about it. She seemed satisfied with that. Funny that of all the things going on in the book, she fixated on this one little dog. I love trying to figure out what she's thinking and the ways she 'interprets' the world around her - it's fascinating to me. I'm thinking she's learning about other's feelings, and empathy. Pretty neat stuff.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Needed: Mommy Remote Control

I realize Moms of our generation have a lot of help in the form of gadgets, gear, etc that generations past did not have. Things like: cup holders on strollers, video monitors to watch Little Johnny even while he's sleeping (because that's important -- ooh he rolled over!), apps to keep baby entertained in the grocery line... But one thing we DON'T have, that we really need, is a Mommy Remote Control.

Not like this, exactly - but this is awesome too.

The most frequently needed functions of the Mommy Remote Control would have to be mute, and rewind.

Mute for obvious reasons... 11 month old awake, again, screaming, for NO reason, and it's 5 am and nobody got any sleep? << MUTE >>

"MOOOOOOM!" Gaah... make it stop!
Or the incessant, sandpaper-to-brain, while you're on the phone, "MOM... MOM... MOOOOOOOM! MOM!!". << MUTE >> Phew!

And while I love a good Christmas tune in December, I especially love listening to Christmas songs belted at the top of one's lungs, in July, from two different kids at the same time (different songs? even better). And I appreciate the life skills my kids are gaining when they argue over that *^&%* toy that makes all that noise (thanks, relative who shall not be named), so they need to yell louder to be heard as they try to tear it away from each other. For the 17th time today. But, do I need to listen to it at 6,000 dB? Nay. << MUTE >> Ahhhh...

And rewind? That moment when you realize - after you've arrived at your destination with several fully dressed and fed kids, despite several fights and shouts of "COME ON!!", on time no less - that the daycare is closed / party is next week / the indoor playground is full. Or you get to the check-out with a full load of groceries and two cranky kids, and you've left your wallet at home. Sigh. << REW >> And, we're back home in our PJs. Or when you're watching the full mug of coffee hurtling mercilessly toward your brand new beige couch. << REW >> Thank you, I'm not sure what I was thinking with a full mug of coffee in the living room... everyone get out. Now.

Of course, fast forward would be handy for Mom. Um, can you say dentist chair? Or the daily get-out-the-door fiasco? << FF >> Ooh, look, we're all ready in record time! Sweet! Heck it could come in handy even when kids aren't involved. (Two words: pap smear. Oh yeah - I went there.)

And then there's pause.

Tonight I had one of those moments where you just want to stop time... just slow down a little because it occurs to you that your very little kids are suddenly not so little anymore, and won't ever be THIS little again. Tomorrow they'll be another day older, and then another, and they just keep growing up. It would be nice if there was a pause button. Like tonight -- The Girl had just been put to bed, finally quiet and laying still after a day and evening of running, shouting, singing, jumping. At last... still, quiet, her fuzzy pink Dora blanket tucked around her, a soft lullaby floating from her purple doggie. Sitting in the chair in her room, waiting for her to drift off, I catch a glimpse of her little foot poking out from under her blanket - five perfect little toes, gently tapping to the music. Awwww. Those little toes! And I think, can we pause right here? Because this, right here, those toes, this moment -- this is perfect. << PAUSE >>

What would you use YOUR Mommy Remote Control for?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year! Now get back to work!

Back to the grind this morning, and it's taking me an extra long time to shake the cobwebs from my brain, so forgive me if this post is a little disjointed.

The Hubs and I decided to join the ranks of the Resolutioners this year and make our own resolution to Get Fit. Yes - total cliche, but we figure we're in good company. So, here we go, 2012 is our year! Let's DO this thing!

We've had the P90 program (precurser to P90X) in a box for about 4 years, collecting dust. So, we broke it out, unwrapped the plastic, got ourselves some weights, and got down to business. Then we started exercising. Ha! ;)

The plan involves waking up at an ongodly hour in order to get our workout in before the kids get up. So, despite everything in me telling me this is JUST WRONG, I actually set my alarm for 6:15 am, and was out of bed this morning at 6:20. Let me tell you - despite what people say, it is not invigorating and refreshing to leap out of bed at what constitutes the middle of the night to me.

However, I was inspired by The Hubs who actually got out of bed at 5-something (even moreso the middle of the night!) so he could finish his workout before I started mine -- I sortof HAD to do mine after that. And, as Tony pushed me to get er done and just. keep. moving, I realized it actually IS pretty invigorating and refreshing! Who knew??

I don't think I'll ever be an early-morning 'person', but I think Richard Simmons would be proud of me! I feel like I accomplished something today... Now I just need to make it through the day and evening, and go to bed early so I can do it all again tomorrow. I'm ready. I've got my coffee in hand, I am sore and feeling every rep and crunch, but I'm ready. Bring it!