Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year! Now get back to work!

Back to the grind this morning, and it's taking me an extra long time to shake the cobwebs from my brain, so forgive me if this post is a little disjointed.

The Hubs and I decided to join the ranks of the Resolutioners this year and make our own resolution to Get Fit. Yes - total cliche, but we figure we're in good company. So, here we go, 2012 is our year! Let's DO this thing!

We've had the P90 program (precurser to P90X) in a box for about 4 years, collecting dust. So, we broke it out, unwrapped the plastic, got ourselves some weights, and got down to business. Then we started exercising. Ha! ;)

The plan involves waking up at an ongodly hour in order to get our workout in before the kids get up. So, despite everything in me telling me this is JUST WRONG, I actually set my alarm for 6:15 am, and was out of bed this morning at 6:20. Let me tell you - despite what people say, it is not invigorating and refreshing to leap out of bed at what constitutes the middle of the night to me.

However, I was inspired by The Hubs who actually got out of bed at 5-something (even moreso the middle of the night!) so he could finish his workout before I started mine -- I sortof HAD to do mine after that. And, as Tony pushed me to get er done and just. keep. moving, I realized it actually IS pretty invigorating and refreshing! Who knew??

I don't think I'll ever be an early-morning 'person', but I think Richard Simmons would be proud of me! I feel like I accomplished something today... Now I just need to make it through the day and evening, and go to bed early so I can do it all again tomorrow. I'm ready. I've got my coffee in hand, I am sore and feeling every rep and crunch, but I'm ready. Bring it!