Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little voice

Tonight, while reading The Going to Bed Book with The Girl, she seemed fixated on the little dog who was on his way back down to bed (at last):

Staring and pointing at the dog, in her two-year-old voice, she says: "Doggie fell down. He sad... he bump his head. He crying... he say 'Daddy!', he go woof-woof, woof-woof." Hehe.

Each time I tried to turn the page, she'd want to turn back to that page to see the doggie who fell and hit his head. I finally had to explain to her that he was just resting, he was okay, and he was going to bed but he wasn't very happy about it. She seemed satisfied with that. Funny that of all the things going on in the book, she fixated on this one little dog. I love trying to figure out what she's thinking and the ways she 'interprets' the world around her - it's fascinating to me. I'm thinking she's learning about other's feelings, and empathy. Pretty neat stuff.