Saturday, January 28, 2012

We did it! - Monthly Family Challenge: January

We did it! We went to the library!

I know... this seems like no big deal. But, given that our weekends are usually jam packed with all the chores and errands that we don't get to during the week, taking a few hours out to just hang with the kids is a rarity.

We're lucky that our local library has a great kids' section with a load of toys and puppets and such, amongst all the kids books and tables and couches. There was a lot of complaining, whining and crying before we left the house (mostly from me) but by the time we got there, we were ready to get our book on.

I had to giggle when The Boy looked around at one point and said, "Woah... look at ALL the BOOKS!" like a kid in a candy store. Love that.

The kids had a great time pulling the books off the shelves and putting them back in the wrong spots (er... sorry librarians), and we left with two armful of new books to read - and try to keep track of for the next three weeks before we return.

January's Challenge: check.