Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SO many new things

As Matthew approaches 11 months I'm realizing just how fast he is growing and learning. He has learned so many new things even just since being at Nonna & Opa's house that I am finding it hard to keep up and record it all.

He can scoot pretty much anywhere he wants to go, and will follow me out of rooms and find me around the corner. He also does the 'downward dog' (on hands and feet with bum in the air) all the time, and has done a few 'steps' of real crawling... although he prefers the one knee - one foot method.

He's taken to pulling himself up on furniture and cruising along to the end, and will transfer from one thing to another or from furniture to hands really well. He can stand holding on with just one hand now too. And today he climbed up half a flight of stairs mostly by himself, with me behind him trying not to freak out.

He talks constantly, in addition to signing a few things regularly ('more', 'all done', 'light', 'book'). Here are all the words he can say, a few he just started this week:
  1. dada
  2. bapa (Opa)
  3. mama - only when he really wants to, stinker ;)
  4. nana (Nonna) - ditto
  5. dat (cat)
  6. bah bah (bye bye)
  7. buhp (book)
  8. bup (depending on context: up, bear, cup, or bird)
  9. cesh (crash, as in his toy trucks)
  10. buhm (boom, as in towers falling down)
  11. yesh (yes)
  12. done - usually signs instead of saying though
  13. dan (down)
  14. light - usually signs instead of saying
  15. ba (ball)
  16. wa dat? or, dat? (what's that)
  17. muh (more) - usually signs instead of saying
  18. buff/baff (bath)
  19. bap (nap)
  20. booooo (moo, as in cow)
  21. dut (duck)
  22. besh (brush)
  23. tess (toes)
  24. just yesterday I think he said "nana" as in banana for the first time

He has started making a few more animal sounds in addition to roaring. He can moo ("boooohhhh") and sometimes repeats 'tweet tweet' with a bap bap.

He will thump his chest like a gorilla or clap like a seal when asked to, and can now point out his own ears, nose, fingers, hands, head (sometimes), belly (sometimes), feet, toes, and legs (sometimes). He's very good at pointing out eyes, nose, and mouth on other people and can find eyes on most toys and books.

When he starts getting cranky and it's close to meal time, I will ask "Are you hungry?" and he will say "yes!" or do the sign for eat/hungry (hand to mouth). If it's close to nap time, I will ask, "It is time for a nap?" and he will say "Bap!" and start waving bye-bye. If it's bedtime, I will ask "Is it time for a bath?" and he'll answer with "baf" or "buff" and wave bye-bye.

He loves music and loves to dance, whether it's music from toys, the stereo (which he will ask for by pointing), or singing. He's even started dancing while standing against furniture. he will clap to music (although can't do that while dancing :) ), and will even sing to music or on his own if asked to, in a very soft voice with head tilted to the side. So sweet!

He's getting more ticklish - I can usually get a giggle and a squirm by tickling his chest/neck, up his back, his sides, or his knees. Sometimes it turns into all-out belly laughs which is so much fun!!

I'm sure there are more things, it's honestly getting hard to keep up!!