Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Third Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my favouritest three-year-old girl in the world!

Thought I'd share ten things about The Girl as she turns the big 0-3:
  1. She loves Bubble Guppies and Dora the Explorer
  2. Her favourite colour is green (despite me trying to make it purple)
  3. Her favourite outfit is anything with Dora on it, or her flowery dress (see pics below)
  4. She is kind and generous (when she's in the mood) -- she'll offer you bites of her food, or she'll offer to get you some of your own. "You want some?"
  5. She has the BEST and most infectious giggle
  6. Her favourite indoor activity is putting together puzzles
  7. She needs "Other Bunny" in order to sleep (one of three bunny blankets, the other two are "Bunny" and "Bun-Bun", but Other Bunny is her #1. Ironic, yes?)
  8. Her hair is curly and her eyes are blue... we don't know where either of these traits came from!
  9. She has a thing for mommy's shoes, especially the ones in mommy's closet with the 4" heels that mommy will probably never wear, and the strappy gold ones that were bought for Halloween one year.
  10. She really, really loves her big brother, laughs at all his antics, and wants to do everything he does. (Except potty train, apparently, but who's counting.)
Finally, some pictures from her party. She had SO much fun with her three best friends, Sara, Olivia and Meghan. It was a simple little party at home, and it was perfect for this spunky little 3-year-old.

Love you, baby girl.
xo, Mommy

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