Friday, May 01, 2009

Matthew (and baby) funny from this morning

Lately we've made a habit of tacking "... and baby!" on to the end of the list of people that we refer to in our house. Matthew likes to point out who is doing what, ie, "Three eating supper! Mummy *points*, and Daddy *points*, and Mashew!" (yes he thinks his name rhymes with cashew, lol). I'll usually say, "...and baby!" and point to my belly - sometimes Matthew will tack it on himself if he thinks of it, but not usually.

Anyway this morning we were coming down the stairs and Matthew was talking about Daddy making breakfast and blah (he never stops talking, I swear), and started naming who would be eating breakfast: "Beckfish for Mashew! Mashew, and Daddy, and Mummy... and baby!" I was like "Yeah baby too!" and then he goes,

"Baby loooooves to eat" and nods his head as if to say "yep, s/he sure does."


When I asked what the baby eats, he said "Applesauce!", in a very duhhhh Mom kind of tone. Of *course* the baby eats applesauce. ;)