Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Matthew's Snowman

Even though this has clearly become Sarah's blog, I still have posting rights (for now anyway) so I just had to add a cute story.

Matthew still notices everything. Case in point, a while back he and Sarah built a snowman in the front yard. He was your typical 3 tier kinda guy, with sticks for arms and Smarties™ for his eyes, nose and mouth. Incidentally, he quickly became kind of creepy looking as the Smarties™ melted.

Anyway, that was several weeks ago and for a while afterwards, every morning when we left for Mimi's he would say "maaan". At first I would look around but eventually I figured out that "maaan" = "snowman", sans "snow" (hey, not everyone is as quick as he is). After a few weeks he kinda stopped and I forgot about it.

We've gotten quite a bit more snow since then, with last night dropping about 3-4 inches on us. So this morning when we left for daycare, this how the walk to the car played out...

Matthew (in a really sad voice): "Awwww..."
Me: "What's the matter buddy?"
Matthew (pointing to the front yard): "Awwww..."
Me: "What is it?"
Matthew (pointing again, sounding even more sad): "Awwww....maaaan!"

It's at this point that I notice that all that is left of the snowman is a lump about the size of a softball and the top of the two sticks poking out of the freshly fallen snow.

Me (stifling a chuckle): "That's okay buddy, he's just hiding."
Matthew (with huge grin)" "Maaan...hiding!"

That kid is observant!