Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nearly 14 months

Well Matthew is quickly approaching 14 months and growing fast.

He's getting a little more brave (braver?) when it come to walking, and as long as he's in the right mood he'll try walking between Sean and me - a few steps. He is also standing pretty well on his own - as long as he is distracted and doesn't realize he's not holding on. He's still a little apprehensive when letting go - but when he finally does, I know he will take off running.

Just yesterday we were playing with Matthew, and he turned and walked away from me, into the hallway a bit. When he realized he was on his own, he stopped and bent over... sat down... and then stood up, all on his own! He did that a few times, laughing each time. Go Matty!! :)

Lately he's been doing something really cute - when he has two toys, one in each hand, he can't use his hands to scoot. So, he does a funny bum hop across the floor. He looks like one of those guys who hop around trying to levitate (to be closer to God? I think). It takes him a while to get where he's going though, so it's only a matter of time before he realizes it would be much faster to walk :) Haha.

Anyway in honour of being almost 14 months I put together this little collage... he's never far from a truck or a book these days :) Enjoy!