Monday, September 01, 2008

Matthew is 15 Months

Well, Matthew is 15 months old now, and growing by leaps and bounds. I thought I'd share a few notes about what makes him tick these days...

Matty's a very energetic little guy! Actually, big guy - most people think he is anywhere from 19 - 24 months old already. Now that he can walk though, he is on the go NON-stop. Running, walking, running... tiring himself and Mama out! :)

He LOVES trucks. Actually anything with wheels but especially trucks. He will point them out on the road, in books, on TV, and will even imitate them when he can just hear one.

He also loves cats (though the feeling is not mutual), and as we learned this weekend, dogs. He loves getting doggy kisses - much to Mama's chagrin - squealing with delight whenever a big sloppy dog tongue meets his cheeks!

He loves to play games with Mama and Dada, and his all-time favourite is to be chased (a la "I'm gonna get you!!"). Now all we need to do is stomp our feet and he will take off running in the other direction, arms flailing, howling and belly laughing, practically running into walls he's so excited. Hee hee.

He'll usually come to Mama or Dada and bury his head on one of our shoulder when he is really tired or hurt, but he has a special cuddle that he saves just for Dada. I can beg and plead for a cuddle, but Dada will get one every time, unsolicited. Thankfully, Matthew gives out kisses pretty readily - he's very affectionate when he's in the mood, even making the motion to plant kisses on perfect strangers (although I've tried to talk to him about the appropriateness of this ;) ).

He's very good at telling what he needs or wants, but also (most of the time) is okay when we tell him no or that we can't pick him up right that instant. Although, sometimes, he's pretty insistent about getting his way.

Matthew also loves to read books. I mean, loves loves loves. He will pick out books and bring them to anyone who will scoop him up and read to him. His favourite right now is "Hop on Pop" which he's started asking for by name ("pop pop pop"), lol. He's also pretty happy to sit and look at them on his own. In fact I've started putting a book in his crib with him at naptime and bedtime, and he is starting to favour that over his blankie!

Although he has his cranky or off days, or throws the occassional fit, he's generally a fun, gregarious, curious, adventurous, loving, happy little guy.