Friday, September 26, 2008

16 Months

Matthew is 16 months old today! Happy Day buddy!

He is getting more and more interactive with us, and voicing his opinions on things. For example, we used to just grab a couple of books from the shelf at bedtime and read them to him. Not anymore... he definitely tells us which books he wants and does NOT want. The one we read 6 times the night before might get a "no no" and a shove from Matthew when it's suggested tonight. Hee hee.

He is also starting to understand the concept of colours. He can say a few of them, blue ("booo"), red (something like "yed"), yellow ("yeyo"), and will repeat when I tell him what colour something is. But as far as he's concerned everything is blue right now. He'll point to a red toy and say "booo!", point to a yellow duck and say, "boooooo". I say, "Actually the truck is RED Matthew. Red." and he might say "yed" or maybe "booooooo" haha. I think he just really likes blue.

And just this week he's added a couple of words: Ball (which he LOVES to say when he finds a ball), and bib (which he asks for as soon as I sit him in his high chair, in case I've forgotten that I need to put it on him ;) ). Also he pointed at the Froot Loops box yesterday and said "Bud! Bud!" so I think he knows bird too. Yay Matty!

To celebrate being a whopping 16 months though, he ate almost an entire bowl of oatmeal. Not a big deal, you say? Well he did it completely on his own, bowl on his tray, and ate it with a spoon. And he barely spilled any, none got on the floor or his hair, and he didn't fling the bowl when he was done. WOW!!

Unfortunately he's feeling under the weather for his 16-month birthday, with a bit of a head cold and some impending molars causing him grief. Hopefully he feels better soon because it's not fun for any of us!

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