Sunday, September 21, 2008

New antics

Matthew adds new skills to his 'repertoire' almost on a daily basis now. Here are a few things he has picked up lately.

  • With plain old walking getting to be a bit boring, he's decided to try walking backwards. He's actually getting quite good at it - but not being able to see where he's going poses a bit of a challenge.

  • Similarly, Matthew has started running, which is fine and all, except when he finds himself going too fast or isn't sure he can stop before running into something, he simply puts his hands up and closes his eyes. We're trying to steer him clear of this practice.

  • He's adding new signs all the time now. Today at breakfast, he signed three signs together: "more", "banana", "please"! And, then today at lunch, I prompted him to say thank you, and he did the sign and said "tants" :)

  • He's also learning new words, now saying: more, shoes, up, down, owie, cat, yes, no (or... no-no-no), apple, blue, yellow (yeyo), and uh ohhhh!

  • Matthew's been going to daycare for a while now, and although he liked it and had fun while he was there (so we're told), he was still crying, sometimes a LOT, when we dropped him off. Until this week, when he didn't cry at ALL for Sean, and by Friday when I dropped him off, he actually reached out for Mimi when we got there, with a big smile on his face, and barely even said bye-bye to Mama! Such a big boy *sniff sniff*

  • We got Matthew a couple of wooden puzzles and he already knows where all the pieces go. He's also got his new bath shape sorter all figured out (although, even though he knws where they go, getting those pesky pieces into the holes is a trick!)

  • He's now able to sit down on a step or small chair... Tricky, considering you kind-of have to go at it backwards!

  • Matthew's been saying and waving "bye bye" for a while now, but now waves and says "Hi!" too.

  • He can give high-fives (and will to pretty much anyone who asks), and has even learned something new at daycare. All the kids give "enough respect" (fist-to-fist), which is funny since I don't even really know what that means. Kids these days :)