Thursday, June 26, 2008

He took four steps! Twice!!

I should preface by saying, I know he's a little slow with walking, haha, but this is still really exciting and scary! :)

So lately Matt's been getting good at walking holding one of our hands or his walking toys. This morning while we were playing outside, he wanted to go over to the picnic table a few steps away. He would normally flop down on his bum or grab my hand to go where he wants to. Instead, he just... started... walking! It was only a few steps (4 to be exact) but I was like... WOW!!! HE WALKED!!

I thought it was a fluke. He's never even stood alone. Anyway later this afternoon we were at the park and he was standing holding onto his stroller, and again just turned around and took 4 steps before sitting down. :O

OMG!! I am totally freaking out here!!

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